Shanghai – Lowest temperature in 145 years

Expected to get even colder

The mercury dipped to 17.3 degree Celsius in Shanghai on July 6, close to the historic maximum temperature of 15.9 degree Celsius on July 2, 1876, according to

The weather is expected to get cooler as three typhoons are approaching coastal China, which may bring gales and rainstorms to an already flooded coastal parts of China.

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  1. Russia: In Yamal, for the first time in 50 years, snow fell in July.
    Moscow. July 7. INTERFAX.RU – July snow fell yesterday in the Salekhard, residents in social networks have published photographs of lawns and roads full of drifting snow, in the morning the snow has melted.
    “Yamal snow in July is not new, but in terms of meteorology is still an anomaly. This fact is repeated on average once every 50 years”, – said Head of the Hydrometeorological Center of regional weather forecasts Sariba Zhernovaya.
    According to her, the whole summer 2015 called abnormally cold while it is impossible. The absolute minimum of minus one degree in July was recorded in the county in 1960.

  2. Russia: In the Chelyabinsk region snowed
    The temperature at Taganay fell to -1 degrees
    While in the South Urals cities thermometer kept at 15 degrees in the mountains came a serious chill. In the area of ​​weather station “Taganay Mountain” in the Tuesday, July 7, snow fell. Told by Nikolai Bakhtin:
    – The temperature of minus one in the street, all iced. There are thawed, but they were immediately buried in snow again.

    Beloyarsky district Ugra snowed. 07.07.2015
    Blizzard and snowstorm in the middle of summer. On the eve of Beloyarsky district Ugra first snow fell. The air in the area, according to the District Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, warmed up to 5-8 degrees above zero. It was assumed that will only rain. However, after the snow has fallen, which soon melted.
    Photos winter landscape willingly shared Internet users recalled a summer month only green leaves on the trees. This is not the first time in recent years, when the snow falls in the Urals in the middle of summer. Since last year, Zlatoust and Satka Chelyabinsk region thickness suddenly fallen snow cover reached 5-10 cm.

  3. 50 years again..sounds like about the 60yr cycle showing up. Psst- dont tell a warmist theres cycles..

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