Ship stuck in Antarctic ice arrives in New Zealand

The research ship that expected to help prove global warming but instead became stranded in heavy ice in Antarctica on Christmas Eve – The Akademik Shokalskiy – finally sailed into a New Zealand harbor on Tuesday morning.

The passengers were rescued and transferred to an Australian icebreaker, the Aurora Australis, which is not expected to dock in Hobart until January 20.

Thanks to Nick for this link

“Looks like the crew of the Russian ship have had enough of ice and snow and climatologists,” says Nick.

“The crew probably celebrating their good fortune on Russian vodka, having removed their ‘problems’ on to the Aussie ship,” says reader Tom Harley.

12 thoughts on “Ship stuck in Antarctic ice arrives in New Zealand”

  1. “Looks like the crew of the Russian ship have had enough of ice and snow and climatologists”

    I wish the crew & the rescuers could have left them there to freeze to death(would’ve served the Juduses right).

  2. Id reckon seeing the rear ends of the Turkey flock would have cheered the Russian crew immensely:-)
    even funnier is their getting back so much ahead of the rescued loons.
    made my day:-)

  3. This is a story that just keeps on giving. While the ship returns to its home port these foolish climate scientists are stuck in Antarctica for another six days.

    At least that means they won’t be bothering anyone else.

    • When they abandoned the crew, the climatologists didn’t care whether the crew lived or died – they just wanted to save themselves so they could start selling their stories to the mainstream media.

      Maybe winter will come down there before they get back. 🙂

  4. Personally I’m glad this happened.

    It had a major impact and has strengthened scepticism worldwide.

    No matter how they try to spin it the world saw “scientists” setting out to “prove” the devastating effects of global warming and ending up relying on 20th century technology – the very technology THEY want to shut down to save the planet – to save their hides from the incredible LACK of global warming.

    Really you couldn’t have written a better script !

  5. It is very hot in south eastern Australia this week. Temperatures of 40-45ºC in Adelaide and Melbourne.
    Not that unusual nor records, although you have to go back 150 years for the record for Melbourne.

    It is summer holiday time so many have headed for the beach or the pool, but most are looking forward to the hot spell ending on Friday. With the Turkey flock stuck in Antarctica (delivering fuel oil) they won’t be able to blame Global Warming until it is too late.

  6. Hell they should have remained stuck !! Hopefully these idiots have learned their lesson that an ice age is coming. Next time they will not survive !!

  7. When these people get back they will do all the radio and tv stations saying no the ice drifted there by strong winds and it was just unfortunate that they were in the wrong place and another day and it would have been ok. Liars and always right even when Wrong.listen out for them on the BBC soon.

  8. But this tragi-comic adventure doesn’t discourages the mainstream media to continue brainwashing us with the AGW:
    Hear that: “The irreversible retreat of a giant glacier of Antarctic.
    They claim that an iceberg twice the surface of Paris released by the Pine glacier will make the sea level rising by one centimeter in 20 years !
    They have already forgotten the record extent of the ice pack during the last winter and the lowest temperature ever booked at less 93°C.
    In short: “The colder the climate, the more ice is thawing”…

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