Shocked reporter says NO one showed up at Biden and Harris event – Video

An Arizona FOX 10 reporter was stunned this past week when NO ONE came out to see Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris outside the Heard Museum in Phoenix.

No one was holding signs on the road.
No one was outside of their venue to greet them.

The election is less than 4 weeks away and they have NO momentum!

FOX 10 Reporter: There’s really not much to see. It’s kind of boring out here. It’s not your typical presidential campaign event. We don’t see people campaigning outside. We don’t see signs or not much of what’s going on.

22 thoughts on “Shocked reporter says NO one showed up at Biden and Harris event – Video”

  1. I seriously doubt that the left will be deterred by lack of support for their debates or rallies. They won’t even be seriously bothered by losing the elections. In their twisted PC minds anyone who isn’t them or is a deplorable has got to go. Watch out for a modern day storming of the winter palace and a Bolshevik revolution supported by wall street banks and PC special interest groups. The communist chickens are coming home to roost largely because the Donald thought he could make a deal instead of cutting the heads off the communist chickens.

  2. I gave a party one time and no one came so I can imagine how Joe and his sidekick must have felt. Poor babies. I guess those polls claiming Joe and Harris have a 97% chance of winning next month just ain’t so. LOL

    • Hey Dean , you spend 30 seconds penning a comment and criticism of a website you don’t pay for or contribute to while Robert must work his ass off creating content and maintaining this site free of charge to most of us except for Donations we make which I am certain you have never .

        • I think your question was very fair and respectful as I can see how one may get a bit confused to why Robert is going beowed in just the ice age related discussions.The truth is there is indeed connections to the left democratic party to this new green deal so while it seems Robert is getting off topic it is related to the over all climate debate in the big picture.

    • Yes, the climate saga was never about the climate at all. It was only ever pure politics from day one, Dean.
      The lifeblood of modern technological civilisation is energy. Control energy and you control everything and everybody.
      Read the Democrats’ policy platform for details – the Green New Deal has climate inextricably entangled with socialist (i.e. totalitarian) plans.
      The climate deception is just a tool; a means to an end.

    • Hi Dean. Aren’t we allowed to have more than one thing we can be concerned with? My mind runs on several tracks at the same time. Sorry yours is single minded.

  3. Well it is FOX, you would expect them to say that just like CNN always say that Trump’s rallies are duds. These so called “news” networks are little more than propaganda outlets for either side. I ignore all of them.


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