Shortest Arctic Melt Season On Record?

New ice is starting to form in the Arctic. Looks like 2011 has a possibility of becoming the shortest melt season (time from peak to minimum) on record. Longer polar melt seasons are a fundamental tenet of global warming theory.

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  1. love the new site, keep up the good work. btw. u reported on mt washington, bc, canada being open for jun 21/22, and then july 1,2 and 3’rd for skiing. There is still loads of snow in surrounding mountains that have NEVER been there in the past, Comox glacier is much bigger now than iv seen of pictures of the glacier in the 1970’s. approx 30 ft of snow on glacier trail. (cannont hike anymore, as of 3 yrs ago) snow has not been melting back in the summer anymore. message me for any info on local area if ur interested

  2. I like new site also!!! Science is fun. The planet is changing rapidly. It’s amazing how many people still dont notice. Keep up the great work!!

  3. look like they may need another Ice breaker up that way soon too:-) still laughing over the russian one going home..

  4. Oh goodie! Now all those polar bears won’t drown. Hey Al Gore aren’t you just estatic about that? By the way, Al, you might want to get into the snowshoe and cross-country ski business . . . well, pretty soon.

  5. Hmmm, 2010 was warmest on record for many places yet that chart shows 2010 not to have as much ice melt as 2007, 2008 or 2011? Interesting. Maybe I’m jst reading it wrong.

  6. The Danish Meteorological Institute figures show that the mean temperature above 80 degrees N is currently at -3C which appears close to the long term average after a warmer than average Spring. Greenland appears to be colder than the long term average.

  7. The only problem with the claim is that it is probably untrue (even if Friday’s data show a “blip”).
    Wait a few more weeks until the true end of melt season before calling it “shortest”.
    If and when the Arctic melts out completely in mid summer, the melt season will be even shorter ….

  8. In Southeast Alaska this year the berries did not ripen. We always go out to fill our annual supply of blue berries, huckleberry berries, salmon berries, currents, low bush and high bush cranberries. This year we were only able to find a few leaving us to rely on what we were able to pick last year. The bears are going to have a tough time at it due to no berries,they have been coming into town looking for food more than usual. Also the birds are not able to find berries that they rely on. We are seeing unusual bird activity here with multiple species swarming together looking for food.
    Just food for thought, when you find something that is plentiful you had better stock up.

  9. I follow the daily polar sea ice cap and snow photos from space on my ‘cryosphere today’.from Sept 1 to today watching was interesting.I save them in my files to review.65 degrees in Nashville maybe be a low for the daily high record today.

  10. Isn’t it ludicrous that the new movie 4:44 panders to Al Gore and his insane global warming myth? That’s one movie not worth watching.

  11. In Australia another arctic blast is due this weekend with snow down to 1000m in south east Australia. We are in the grip of cold wet now no more drought for a long time

  12. Wow as we can clearly see, Arctic ice seasons are getting longer, with ice lasting longer now than it did in the 1990’s, on average. This also happened in the last few years before. No doubt the climate is getting colder over land, as suggested by the long term thickening Antarctic ice sheet, (plus longer ice seasons in the Arctic) and also from long term historic climate data over land in rural locations, according to the John Daily webpage of historic temp records.

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