Shut down or lose $5 million an hour

Australia’s renewable energy policies threaten multi-million-dollar losses for industry


Generators at five of the six New South Wales coal-fired power stations were hit by outages heading into the long weekend, spiking spot prices to a forecast high of $14,000 in the early evening.

The outages threatened a third day of shutdowns at the Tomago aluminium smelter, the state’s largest single energy user, to avoid multi-million-dollar losses on the high energy prices.

“This is a direct result of renewable energy hollowing out the baseload generation in this country,” said Tomago chief executive Matt Howell.

Mr Howell said that at $14,000 per MWh it would cost $200,000 to make a tonne of aluminium and the plant would lose $5 million an hour.

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  1. Unfortunately you can’t view the Australian website without subscribing.

    I used to have a workaround and get a screen dump but they shut that down.

  2. Everything is working in normal cycles on earth, but the climate alarmist are saying that a small trace gas has brought on — global warming – a carbon tax –more pipelines – oil- electric cars –natural gas – windmills – poles melting- oceans rising and It is all our fault. All these catastrophic warnings and scenarios are attributed to this trace gas in our atmosphere called – CO2 -(0.081%) that makes life possible, creates photosynthesis, with the help of the sun, to give life to all plants on earth and the plants give us all our oxygen to breath. Life giving CO2. The earth is getting greener according to NASA. CO2 is a worldwide fertilizer with bumper corn crops in Iowa.
    The biggest greenhouse gas is water vapor and clouds (79%) CO2 does nothing to change climate.. Look to the Sun, the Universe and Clouds to understand climate science. The Farmer’s Almanac that has been 80% correct sense 1872 and has always looked to the Sun for predictions. (Their secret) Now we know why. Lets spend our time cleaning up our plastic oceans and work on family planning. Almost ten billion people by 2050. — —- Professor Emeritus Bob Evermon

  3. This is the death of industry. Jobs in the area will be lost and like the proverbial rock rolling down hill every other business will suffer. Finally the tax base will be lost. The politicians and most of the idiots who voted for these destructive regulations and laws will have moved on like the locusts they are.

  4. Even though the UK is a bit behind the Australian energy lunacy we have no aluminium smelting as the industry has closed down already.

    • Actually we only have one state – South Australia – totally dominated by lunacy. Unfortunately the energy grids were expanded beyond state borders and so we are all subject to the failures.

      Interesting that “righteous climate friendly” SA remains connected to and reliant on coal fired electricity – if they shut down the inter connector and relied on their wind power alone I suspect there would be mass lynching of politicians within weeks.

      Unfortunately the lunatics aren’t restricted to SA.

      Our PM, who took office by back stabbing former PM tony Abbot and then proceeded to destroy the huge parliamentary majority Abbot won for the ingrates and almost losing the 2016 election, is proposing the insanity of “pumped hydro” as a major source of energy.

      Pumped hydro means using the unwanted wind and solar power generated when no-one really wants power to pump water up the hill to allow it to flow downhill when power is needed.

      Of course this requires far more energy input than it produces, probably twice as much.

      So the party that won the 2013 election in a landside because they promised to abolish the carbon tax and end energy lunacy is now reintroducing everything they promised to get rid of.

      The funny thing is around the turn of the century Australia had some of the cheapest electricity in the world and during the night when electricity demand dropped the grid was stabilised by heating hot water storage tanks so cheaply it made almost no dent in your electricity bill.

      Everyone had electricity and plenty of hot water and a stable electricity grid.

      All gone now.

      The poor are now living in the dark to minimise electricity bills and taking cold showers – large capacity hot water systems were actually removed from sale at one point.

      While shysters can manipulate costs to show this lunacy can work – wind, solar and pumped hydro – they do not tell everyone what is coming.

      New “renewable” energy machines have lifespans often less than half of reliable coal fired plants and in the not too distant future many will require replacement.

      This will result in a never ending upward spiral of prices and impoverishment of the populace.

      And what to do with the worn out solar panels full of toxic materials ?

      Where I live, however, the government did not sell any of its power stations as the other “enlightened” states did and Queensland still has relatively cheap power.

      AND, despite being run by a party which believes wholeheartedly in the lunacy of climate Armageddon, when the Chinese refused to take Australia’s “recyclable” waste anymore a few months back creating a waste nightmare the government decided to build 5 waste burning electricity power plants.

      So they don’t believe in burning stuff but they do ???

      Makes me think our waste “recycling” levy was a con and we actually never recycled anything at all – we just shipped it to china who either landfilled it or burnt it.

      What a joke that the gullibles still believe in this nonsense !

      But Gerry you are way ahead of us as we NEVER imported trees to burn in any of our coal fired power plants so score a major point to the UK greens. And we never switched to dirty diesels.

      Stuff the forests – once the MAJOR concern of the greens – lets cut ’em down so we can burn them and call it renewable, earn brownie points from gullible punters and satisfy an insane European bureaucracy and an insane belief that a tiny fraction of the atmosphere controls climate.

      Surely climate alarmism is complete proof of “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H. L. Mencken”

  5. Correct Gerry While every country on Earth was subsidising there factories Ship Yards Coal Fields and Steel industries Thatcher was letting all ours die!

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