Shutting down middle and blue-collar America

“Modern factories, offices, hospitals, schools, households and cities cannot function or survive on starvation energy diets.”
– Paul Driessen

“Anti-fossil fuel policies rooted in climate change alarmism find ready acceptance in many coastal, urban, academic, media and big government circles,” writes Driessen. “But factory workers, blue collar families and Middle America had better pay very close attention to how Green New Deal programs will impact their energy costs and reliability, jobs, living standards, mobility and personal choices.”

“Unfortunately, politicians, activists and companies that expect to benefit politically or financially from mandated energy upheavals have become adept at promoting scare stories about manmade global warming and magical renewable energy solutions to the “climate crisis.” No sooner is one debunked than another dozen take its place. Helping to drive the twin narratives, billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving the Sierra Club and other activist groups $500 million to conduct new disinformation campaigns to eradicate coal power and block construction of natural gas-fired generating plants. ”

“Allowing their tall tales to drive US and global energy and economic policies would be a cruel joke that might be avoided if more people understood what’s going on.”


Shutting down middle and blue-collar America

From Biden to Warren, Democrat president wannabes push job-killing pseudo-green policies

Paul Driessen

Vocal activists increasingly drive Democrat Party positions across the public policy spectrum. Print, television, social and click-bait media generally support them, while permitting little debate on liberal proposals or their potential ramifications. Even semi-moderate Joe Biden has been pressured into shifting or flipping his positions on abortion, energy, climate change and other issues, to satisfy far-left factions.

Their policy prescriptions often find ready acceptance in coastal, urban, academic, media and big government circles. But factory workers, blue collar families and Middle America better pay very close attention to how climate change scare stories and proposed Green New Deal programs will impact their energy costs and reliability, jobs, living standards, mobility and personal choices. Warning signs abound.

Reflecting heavy dependence on wind and solar power, German and British electricity prices are already three to four times higher than what the vast majority of American households currently pay – and rising. The exorbitant prices have largely shuttered the UK’s aluminum industry and what’s left of its steel industry. Combined with ever-tougher carbon dioxide emission limits, factory operating costs similarly “threaten the very existence” of Germany’s automobile industry, Volkswagen’s CEO laments.

Nearly 350,000 German families have had their electricity cut off because they cannot afford to pay their power bills. German families and businesses had to cope with 172,000 localized blackouts in 2017. The country has banned fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and imports US coal and Russian natural gas.

In Britain more than 3,000 elderly people die every year because they cannot heat their homes properly, exposing them to constant chilly temperatures that make them more likely to contract and succumb to respiratory or heart disease. The situation is likely to get even worse. In stark contrast, abundant natural gas supplies from the fracking revolution have driven prices down in the USA, saving some 11,000 American lives each winter, according to a recent National Bureau of Economic Research study.

Multiple widespread blackouts over a three-month period in South Australia were caused by the elimination of coal-fired power, 52% reliance on wind turbines, storms, grid instability, and an inability to predict weather conditions or peak power demand. In May 2019, they helped persuade Aussie voters to replace their climate-obsessed government with a conservative coalition that supports fossil fuels.

China, India and other overseas aluminum, steel and vehicle exporters to the EU and US face no climate-driven energy price or emission obstacles. The Paris Climate Agreement does not obligate them to reduce their fossil fuel use or emissions for decades to come, if ever. Indeed, China’s annual increase in “greenhouse gas” emissions is greater than Australia’s total annual nationwide emissions!

Asia’s total GHG emissions now dwarf the USA’s. So even total, painful, job-killing, economy-shackling elimination of US fossil fuels would do nothing to end the steady rise in atmospheric CO2 levels.

Unfortunately, these hard realities have had no effect on people or companies that expect to benefit politically or financially from legislated energy upheavals rooted in manmade climate change alarmism.

New Mexico recently joined California and Hawaii in mandating “renewable” electricity: 50% by 2030, 80% by 2040 and 100% by 2050. Despite the absence of any state mandate, the Northern Indiana Public Service Company wants to replace 1,850 megawatts of affordable 24/7 coal-based electricity with 1,650 MW of expensive, intermittent, weather-dependent wind and solar, plus 1,500 MW of backup batteries.

Modern factories, offices, hospitals, schools, households and cities cannot function or survive on starvation energy diets like these. Moreover, claims that wind, solar and battery technologies are clean, climate-friendly, renewable and sustainable are little more than useful fairy tales.

Wind and solar energy are certainly renewable and perpetual. However, the massive amounts of land and raw materials required to harness, store and utilize that energy certainly are not. And many rare earth elements, lithium, cadmium, cobalt and other high-tech metals are extracted and processed by Chinese companies under zero to minimal child labor, fair wage, worker safety and environmental standards.

But all this generally gets swept under the rug, while tsunamis of climate chaos scare stories terrorize children and even a lot of adults into believing human civilization, wildlife and even our planet face annihilation in less than twenty years, unless the world quickly rids itself of fossil fuels.

From Kamala Harris to Bernie Sanders, and now Joe Biden, every Democrat presidential candidate supports some version of the Green New Deal and would have us believe its authoritarian edicts and multi-trillion-dollar price tag are affordable and necessary.

Helping to drive this narrative is billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – proud owner of twelve houses, a private jet and helicopter, and a fleet of pricey cars. He intends to give the Sierra Club and other activist groups $500 million to conduct new campaigns to eradicate coal power and block construction of natural gas-fired generators that would otherwise replace coal-fired plants.

In fact, no sooner is one example of climate nonsense debunked, than another dozen take its place.

After decades of frightening visitors with tall tales that Glacier National Park glaciers would all melt away by 2020 or soon thereafter, park rangers are finally acknowledging that the Grinnell, Jackson and other glaciers have actually been growing since 2010. They are now (quietly) removing signs, videos and brochures that featured the (Al) Gorey claims about catastrophic (Michael) Mann-made global warming.

Even the Washington Post has acknowledged that the number of violent (F4-5) tornadoes has declined 40% between the 1950-1984 period and 1985-2018 interval – with not one violent tornado recorded in the USA in 2018, for the first time in history. The United States also enjoyed a record 12-year absence of Category 3-5 hurricanes making landfall, between Wilma in 2005 and Harvey in 2017. Overall, actual evidence shows no upward trend in extreme weather, floods, droughts or sea level rise.

So now we’re being told plant and animal species are disappearing 100 times faster than historic rates, because of manmade climate change – and a million or more are at risk of extinction … out of some eight million that a new UN report claims exist on Earth. There are serious problems with this latest hysteria.

Scientists have actually identified and named only 1.8 million plant and animal species. The other 6.2 million “have no names, have never been identified,” and exist only as bits and bytes in computer models and fear-mongering reports and news stories, forestry ecologist and Greenpeace cofounder Dr. Patrick Moore observed during recent testimony before the House Water, Oceans and Wildlife Subcommittee.

Only 800 or so species have gone extinct in the last five centuries, Dr. Moore added – and most of them were victims of cats, rats, foxes and other invasive species introduced by European colonizers, or on small islands where native species had no defenses and could not escape.

Assuming this pattern will be repeated on a global scale, across entire continents, because of climate change, for a mythical 8 million species … and plugging those assumptions into computer programs … isn’t science. It’s garbage – designed and intended to justify eliminating the fossil fuels that provide over 80% of the energy that the United States and world use to produce food, jobs, health and prosperity.

We’re also supposed to swallow pseudo-scientific claims that “surging levels” of plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide are creating dangerous hybrid puffer fish, making salmon unable to detect danger, making sharks right-handed and unable to hunt, making Arctic plants “too tall,” making coffee growing impossible in many countries, causing pigs to get skinnier, turning Earth into a super-heated Venus, causing the demise of tropical birds, and many other fearsome stories of White Walkers and Days after Tomorrow.

Sadly, all too many people soak up this nonsense like sponges. (Unkind comedians might suggest they have the brain cells of a sponge.) But to have these tales … and the voters and politicians who believe and propagate them … drive our energy and economic policies would be the cruelest joke of all.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy and environmental science and policy.

6 thoughts on “Shutting down middle and blue-collar America”

  1. Greenies = idiots, there also a great dog treat.

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    ― George Carlin

  2. Driessen is a good essayist.
    However, both the political markets and financial markets have gone hysterical.
    The greater the boom the more severe the recession.
    A severe recession will shift the focus to real threats.
    Let’s call both hysterics–“Ending Action”.

  3. Unfortunately, this is becoming tiresome. At what point will you face up to the fact that all of this a very evil drive for world mastery through taking an ignorant, stupid population to the cleaners. This is war and it must be seen as war.

    Until you can force a change in the narrative you will continue to be ignored. Ultimately you will have to fight and I don’t mean some adjective fight but real kinetic war. But that will actually have to wait until the population is hurting enough to turn on the so-called leadership.

    In the meantime you might look for something other than fossil fuels or nuclear power to start a new narrative. One possibility is Brilliant Light Power’s hydrino reaction. It is near nuclear and much more environmentally friendly to hear the company tell it.

    The only issue is that the main stream science community still seems to think it bad science though their condemnation is more muted these days. Never mind. It does not matter what the scientists think. If the reaction is real the fact should be forced into public view. Others should take up the reaction and develop the simplest manifestation of power generation from the reaction they can think of. The patents and BLP be damned. The issue is political and the purpose is to start putting pressure on the Green narrative.

    If the government tries to suppress the construction of hydrino powered equipment then they will have to admit the reaction has merit. If they allow the ripoffs to continue they will face a new power source appearing against their wishes. If they try to argue against it as a fraud they will look foolish.

    The fight over this if insisted upon could shift the narrative away from fossil fuels and nuclear power against windmills. This is a false paradigm as the issue is really power vs no power at all. Get in there and start pushing for the adoption of other sources of power and demand the Greens step down.

    As for BLP to hell with them. They have claimed to have a real, new power source but they act as though they will never bring it to market. On the surface their problem appears to be that the perfect is the enemy of the good as they keep changing their embodiment for the reaction. I put aside fraud. If it is that my proposed action should destroy them. But in this age the issue could be deeper. The deep state can be expected to never tolerate this reaction as a successful technology so the only thing left is to keep researching new variations of hardware ad infinitum. Whatever the case this procrastination needs to end and the truth faced.

    Frankly, in an age where Facebook, Twitter, YouTube–all which claim to be commercial operations are claiming governmental powers let us stop taking commercial claims to these discoveries seriously. Access is needed to break the Green narrative and the coming ruin of the world. Take the reaction and run with it. Use it to break the Greens.

  4. Quoting from our most recent power bill here in Queensland, Australia.

    Also remember that au dollar is worth about 73cents for every US dollar, so add another quarter to the bill.

    Peak usage 24.20 c/kwh
    T33 Usage 20.22 c/kwh (this is our hot water on cyclic system)
    solar meter charge 6.34 c/day
    supply charge 112.73 c/day
    supply charge T33 – 2.72 c/day

    We then get paid 11.00 c/kwh for our solar power exports, grand total of 61.93CR, of course we are not paying for our own power now during the daytime.
    After an outlay of $7500.00 to install a 20 panel solar power system.
    Next expense for us will be the cost of new inverter the old one is now 8 years old and still working, thank god, I hate to think what our power bill would be without the solar panels.

  5. I have an idea. Let’s restrict fossil energy use to us troglodytes here in flyover country. That way the coastards can have the totally renewable energy they’ve always dreamed of, without the terrifying CO2 emissions and endless uptime hassles of coal, oil, and natural gas.

    And let’s see how long they last before their cities descend into first chaos, and then the stone age.

  6. The real reason for the push for ‘Global Warming is a One World Government where you and I won’t be able to vote on what happens to us. We are to give up our standards of living so the ‘ruling elites’ can live like lords.
    In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.
    In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes.
    All these dangers are caused by human intervention In natural processes. and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself ….we believe humanity requires a common motivation, namely a common adversary in order to realize world government. It does not matter if this common enemy is a real one or….one invented for the purpose.”

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