Siberia temps below normal

Southern Siberia covered in snow.

An Arctic air invasion has brought cold to the area along the periphery of a powerful anticyclone.
In coming days, temperatures in the area will run 4-6 degrees C below normal.

The south of Western and Eastern Siberia was covered with snow up to 10 cm deep, leading to accidents on roads in the region.
At Baikal today and tomorrow the wind will increase to 30-35 m/s! Hurricane values!

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5 thoughts on “Siberia temps below normal”

  1. The ten day 1000mb forecast suggests the blocking high over Scandinavia will intensify and remain centred on Finland.
    This will drag cold Polar below zero C air over much of Russia as far as the Black Sea and generate a cold easterly over much of Europe.
    Looks like the Central European winter has started, what’s worse, before much of the grain Harvest is completed. It will be interesting to see the wheat tonnage is for the September frost damaged North American grains.
    The UK is likely to see a major low pressure system stationary over the UK 5 days into the forecast period generating a significant pressure gradient south easterly gale from the North sea to Iceland.
    Perhaps this year the NAO is fully in place before the winter starts.

    • The UK has two climates, the South East formed of the so called Home Counties which have a Northern France climate, a little cooler and much less cloudy, but still a drought area.
      And the rest of us a Wet, cold, westerly, cloudy damp, soggy climate much like the North West Coast of US and Canada, similar air stream pattern all dependent on the direction of the Atlantic jet Stream.
      That 2C degree if average temperature rise promised by the Warmist to bring the UK South Coast to a Mediterranean climate, might be seen during the next Interglacial some 140,000 years from now.
      I know, it’s the same as Gore blowing smoke over no more Snow in 2013 and others saying a Summer ice free Arctic within two years from now.

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