Siberian city hit by rare snowfall on May 9

As much as 20 cm of snow cloaked the city of Kransoyarsk!

The Siberian city has been hit by a rare snowfall on May 9, and the uniqueness lies in its abundance, as much as 20 cm of fresh snow!

Neve abbondante in Siberia: ben 20 cm ammantano la città di Kransojarks!

The city, located just north of Mongolia, has been hit by a massive cold snap.

It is important to note that this happened on a large temperature contrast after the first 20-degree heat of the season.

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  1. Here a video, the date is May 10 (The mirror image R means ya, so it is May, not March!)
    Record snowfall has damaged 20% of the trees near Krasnoyarsk. 10.05.2016
    During the day in the city fell more than 28 millimeters of precipitation. This level of snowcover is not seen since 1936.
    Commuter trains movement of Krasnoyarsk restored. The day before it was canceled due to the unprecedented snowfall, according to “World 24”.
    Winter fairy tale at the end of the spring is literally paralyzed the city. Trees fell under the weight of melted snow blocked roads and brought down power lines. Many citizens were left without electricity.
    In one day in Krasnoyarsk received more than 28.8 millimeters of precipitation. This level of snow cover, weather forecasters did not record since 1936, the beginning of the level observations in the region.
    According to RIA “Novosti”, 450 trees damaged Krasnoyarske, utilities operate in emergency mode. Previously, the federal “Yenisei” The highway was partly for passenger transport and heavy-blocked.
    Snowfall has damaged 20% of the trees in the low part of the Stolby “the pillars”, the reservate near Krasnoyarsk. Under the weight of wet snow trees were broken. The reservate was established in 1925 and covers an area of ​​47,219 hectares.

    In Krasnoyarsk, May snowfall broke the historical record
    Text: Anna Timofeeva 10.05.2016
    Road services Krasnoyarsk continue to clear the streets of fallen snow and melt water to pump, and green building management staff – clean up fallen trees and branches, both in the roadway, and from power lines, the press service of the department of municipal services of the city administration.
    In the yard areas management companies operate. In general, the streets run of 160 units. Recall due to heavy snowfall, which took place in Krasnoyarsk, May 8 and 9, all utilities translated into enhanced mode. We derive the maximum number of employees. According to weather forecasters, only a day fell to 28.6 mm of precipitation. This amount of snowfall in a single day in May in the city was not observed, according to updated data, not once during the observation period – since 1916.

    May 10, 2016: Snow fall provoked a massive accident in Krasnoyarsk (with video). Snowfall and black ice caused numerous accidents over the past day. Most drivers have already changed the wheels on summer tires, but the weather these days is not the May.

    Reader’s comment: Record May snowfall in Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia since records began. Unclear is whether these records began in 1916 or 1936.

  2. VERY interesting.
    I knew that Siberia was across the dateline, so their days start before ours do.
    But I wasn’t aware that they could be several WEEKS ahead of us while we wallow in early May.

  3. My thought is to compare this with the last big El Nino in 1998 to see if this is something different. Could this be the result to the little ice age meridional jetstream at work that wasn’t there in 1998?

  4. Definitely late in the season, but would late May be something after the 20th? Not trying to get picky, but we know AGW exaggerate regularly to maintain their biased agenda. All we need to do is let the facts speak for themselves.

    • Facts. This website save a list of facts.
      Excluding some high-altitude areas, we must observe not only the records of low temperatures or snow.
      But also how much can reach the maximum temperature and how days or weeks these temps don’t rise enough to give support to the farming in a region / country.
      I say about Europe and increase of refugees and food prices increase. It wil be left for all?

  5. cold snap…….
    almost as overworked as “unprecedented” isnt it?

    today after also having a warm to mild start to winter in Aus
    we got slight snow on almost all our high mountains.
    cold updraft from antarctic did it.

  6. And yet if that same city had temperatures in the mid 90’s the headline wouldn’t be about rare snowfall it would be “Further conformation of Global Warming as temperatures hit the mid 90’s”, it’s all about how you tell the story and knowing who drinks the Kool-Aid.

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