Siberian super frost to invade large portion of Europe

Will be an “epochal event,” warns Italian website. “Truly extraordinary.” “Historical.”

A “truly extraordinary” wave of frost will cover more than half of Europe, warns Meteo Giornale. A mass of very cold, glacial air will stretch directly from Siberia into Russia, cross the Urals and then expand to the heart of the Old Continent.

It will be “an epochal event for the end of February,” not only in Italy, but also in parts of Europe. “It is very unusual at the end of February to have to deal with freezing flows of such intensity, it is a historical.”

Frost waves of this magnitude are quite rare for this period at the end of winter.

The invasion of freezing from Russia to Central and Eastern Europe over the weekend and beginning on Sunday the frigid winds of Bora will also reach Italy, bursting on the Gulf of Trieste and the Upper Adriatic and then spreading over the North and then Marche, Umbria and Tuscany.

Forecasts indicate that the Center-North of Italy could be hit, with frost and even snow to the plains,  perhaps exceptional snowfall. If snow falls in Rome, it has never occurred in this period in the last 30 years.

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  1. Will the freezing populous now trust what they feel and see, or will the news channels P.R. about computer modeled ‘global warming’ still persuade these folk. Persuade them to vote for politicians that do not have their, nor their children’s, best interests at heart.
    As the freeze set-in will Europeans listen to the foolish chatter of the news media, or to the reality their chattering teeth tells them?

    • Well Tom0mason the European public trusted their leaders on the issues of public morality, the holocaust, real estate profiteering, government debt, refugees and immigration. Look where that trust in their leaders led. Right to the downfall and possible extinction of European nations and peoples. This blind trust in politically correct leaders is a sin that must be repented of before it is absolutely too late. Those that believe the global warming lie right to the end will die. Then again we all die one day but it is a matter of how, when, where and why not if.

  2. Can someone please tell me how many years temperatures in the northern hemisphere have been declining. Temperature decline appears to be increasing in intensity as well as frequency.
    The trend I believe is on the increase & yet it’s not discussed by governments or the media.
    Suggest Governments worldwide wise up & realise what’s really happening before it’s too late. I would like to remind them it’s not global warming they need to recognise. Quite the opposite.

  3. This cold is also due to hit the U.K on Sunday/ Monday
    with snow possible , temperatures already starting to drop with wind from the East

  4. Interesting, currently there are two very cold arctic masses as well as two very warm masses surrounding the arctic itself. They have been circling the arctic since early November. Fluctuating different regions between extreme cold and warm. Does not look like it is dissipating. Rather from NOAA, it looks like they are broadening.

    What is currently extreme cold right now will be warm 7-10 days from now. Those places in the northern hemisphere that are currently warm will be seeing the extreme cold within that same time period. As these masses continue to fluctuate/cycle.

    Another interesting fact. The north pole/arctic currently has 5 meter thick ice extending into Greenland as well as Canada/Siberia and Northern Europe. It is growing a bit more everyday. The arctic itself may not see a stall or decline until perhaps May.

    Currently not even Nordic ice breakers can break the ice in the arctic.

    Last, media outlets like MSM are not reporting this. Here in the U.S NOAA is playing the numbers so it does not look like it is as cold as the actual.

  5. Just a observation. This reminds me of when I was younger. I would use warm/hot water to make ice cubes for my drinks. Why? Because the hot water would freeze almost twice as fast as regular temperature water. What is happening currently in the Northern Hemisphere reminds me of that. But on a much bigger scale.

  6. High Pressure over Southern Sweden brings bitter winds from Siberia…….AS I HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL WINTER !
    The wind blows CLOCKWISE around a High in the northern hemisphere.
    If this cold air meets moist westerly Atlantic air over UK……THERE COULD BE HEAVY SNOW !

  7. I think the article is a little bit overstated.
    This is cold winter weather, to be sure, and yes it’s probably somewhat out of the ordinary for late February. But the report does mention that it snowed in Rome 30 years ago, so, presumably, similarly frigid conditions prevailed at that time too.

    Assigning greater significance to this event than it warrants is committing the same sin that Global Warming alarmists commit almost every day with their exaggerated and sensationalised reporting of episodes of hot weather. And I don’t think we should fall into that trap.
    Just because we’re bombarded with so much breathless Warming propaganda from them doesn’t make it all right for us to follow suit in replying to that.
    And don’t forget, this is a La Nina year, so we should probably expect unusually cold weather.

    I certainly understand the temptation to throw this European deep freeze event back in the Warmists’ faces – God knows they richly deserve it – but I think we really should retain our objectivity.
    If the average global temperature does in fact fall consistently over the next few years – as many solar physicists have predicted – there’ll be time enough then to subject the clueless Climate Change activists to a bit of entertaining embarrassment.
    And I can guarantee you, no one will enjoy their squirming more than me!

    • To be honest I disagree.
      The temperature change between the previous SWP and the GSM is already locked into the Fossil record, with the 10 year change from benign warmth to cold, wet and very windy, at least in Europe, based on research by Swiss Climate scientists, and not Ologists constructing models designed to defraud grants out of Governments.
      The entire Western nations are bombarded with propaganda that it’s the warmest, segment of time ever by .001 of the error margin of error in human surface measurements. 14C is still cold it’s not even short sleeve weather!
      Since 1970 the number of ground stations in remote area has been reduced significantly, because Satellites are able to capture reliable measure of surface temperature over a much wider area than a single weather stations 400 miles apart which requires linking to a network and maintaining.
      The Satellites like the Sun’s energy output is are not playing ball with the Green Socialist gate keepers of the weather records.
      The Satellites records have now been rejected as it’s not high enough to support the propaganda requirements to maintain the fiction for AGW and the Carbon Credits to fund it, they are now using heat island sensor, and data from Ships water intakes traveling in mainly warm waters as reliable data to give billions of $ and £ to the UN so they can carry a grandiose cargo cult exercise to compensate island nations who were supposed to sink beneath the waves, but are now expanding in size.
      The Sun has entered a Grand Solar Minimum, with SC24 as it trefoils its way around The Solar System BarryCentre generating gravity tugs on our tectonics plates as it goes. LALIA had three separate T7 volcanic eruptions. Spoorer and Maunder had theirs, ours are yet to start.
      Each cycle is 172 years long, 22 yrs. for the GSM, a low/medium Gleissberg period of 70 year s and a high output Solar Warm period of around 80 years, and an abrupt decent into the next GSM and 172 year cycle as it has for every GSM during this interglacial.

    • unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work in the US. For example… lots of Central Americans, Haitians, and Dominicans in New England, lots of Somalians in Maine (and I thnk MIchigan too), etc. Lots of Mexicans in some colder parts of the west. etc. etc. etc.

  8. on they have an option called the misery index:-) truly
    id say the misery rating for those areas will be high

  9. True indeed, Dutch media speak now of new cold records for the beginning of March. A few days ago I noticed clouds of birds over the fields, organizing for what?

  10. Bring it! If it takes most of Europe to freeze over to wake up the warmist freaks and sheep,i’m all for it.We are not warming in the Benelux,but if i try to make people notice over here,they either react indifferent or give the same old,”but the maps show warming”.
    Wankers the lot of them!

  11. Grand Solar Minimum certainly has arrived….how else to you explain 72F in Connecticut on the same day it’s 10F in International Falls Minnesota. Extremes will stress the fuck out of the buds the 72F has created in Connecticut as it will go back into the icebox….look for extreme frost damage in New England on orchards.

    • Not just New England, but regions to the south as well—middle Atlantic and potentially the Southeast. If another round of cold Arctic air invades that far south, after this period of warmer than normal spring conditions, expect the fruit trees to be severely affected. We had the same thing occur to varying degrees the past few years and I suspect nothing but more of the same to continue.

  12. well…..I thought they told us 20 years ago that cold and snow was a thing of the past by now. I have trouble finding tropical palm trees in central Europe with near zero temperatures LOL

    • They did tell us that in the recent past. Then again if you want to destroy or exploit someone it helps if you can get them to believe in a falsehood until they die of the consequences of it. In the light of this statement the history of the world could be seen and understood better. The conclusions reached will not be pleasant though.

  13. It snowed in Rome in 1985/1986/2010/2012. So this is not this first time in 30 years. And we’ll probably be seeing more and more snow in unusual places as we enter the GSM. These are all signs of it happening. And, hopefully, even the sheeple will begin to sit up and take notice. Or perhaps they’ll only notice it when they’re up to their butts in snow. And they’ll still probably blame it on AGW. Duh!

  14. This cold spell is going to be a big one in Europe, especially in the Eastern part. At the end of February temperatures normally tend to grow, not to go down, therefore the temperatures are going to be way below average for this period.

  15. Daytime temperatures below freezing in early March! That will be the fate of many locations in the UK and Ireland next week. Normally, highs of 8C to 10C would be typical for the time of year. At the same time the high arctic above 80 degrees is abnormally warm. What is going on with our weather?

    • No so, this has happened before during a solar cycle with reduced EUV outputs
      This is a -20C spike in temperature as less cold air moves from the North Atlantic to displace the frigid air which is now over Europe.
      Similar Spring Spikes can be seen during the mid-seventies and SC20, the spikes then fell back towards trend of 243K every time.
      I suggest looking at the meridional nature of the weather systems, with the Northward jet carrying less cold air into the Arctic, the southern leg of the Jet will pass over Ireland and on into France, and carry a little monster of a snowy low over the UK next Friday and Saturday.

  16. Another mere bubble of cooling in a world being swallowed up in the despair of man caused global warming.
    Sarcastic enough?

  17. Here in San Diego county we haven’t had a day over 60 in about a week. I’ve been here for over a decade and never experienced sustained cold like this before. It’s not supposed to warm up any time soon either. Any cold at all this late in the season is very unusual as well. Hard frost twice in the past week and more to come tonight. Feels like late winter to early spring in my native Buffalo, not the warm and sunny San Diego I moved to get away from that.

  18. A true indicator of a GSM could be the loss of the English vinyard industry. Of course the freezing over of the Thames would seal the deal.

  19. We had heavy snow in the UK in February/March 1947.
    We could be hading for similar from next week.
    If the High Pressure over Scandinavia stays put, it will feed in those severely cold Siberian winds across the UK…..and Europe.
    Wind turbines will produce very little electricity if the north-easterlies are light.
    Then , when the thaw comes, watch out for huge chunks of ice being thrown 200 metres from wind turbine blades.
    Very dangerous !

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