Sierra blizzard warning – Up to 5 ft of snow

Zero visibility with whiteout conditions

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  1. This is actually a good thing for California water supplies – will bring much of the state out of drought.

    Without weather like this in winter, California would be uninhabitable.

  2. So, people, what do we do when it snows like this for 7 days?

    Or for 2 weeks?

    Do we stop driving in this area? All roads shut down? No gas in or out of the mountain region? No food. All wild-life dead. All cattle frozen, dead………….

    What do we do? Can’t drive 1-70, 1-40, I-80, I-90 ?

    Tell me, Al Gore, what then?

  3. We’ll have to see what this storm system brings for totals, because the NWS Twitter feed from yesterday was forecasting 80-100 inches of snow at MOST of the peaks in the high range from Lake Tahoe to the south. Now they’re dialing back to 48-60 inches? I’m wondering if it ends up snowing as much as originally predicted that the MSM will use it as an excuse to ballyhoo about climate change … never mentioning the importance of this kind of climate change to the sustainability of California to keep its population fed and hydrated.

  4. Okay…folks get out your history books…there are going to be questions. What is the estimated feet of snow the Donner Party was trapped by??? How long before a rescue party could get there from Placerville (or was it Auburn ???) And was it a fall snow, winter snow, spring snow or just one long week on weeks snow storm?
    Sorry I just had to see if you California transplant folks could remember being stopped on Hwy 80 for HOURS waiting for Caltrans to manage to open just one lane through the pass.

  5. Turkey hit by harsh winter, snowfall January 16, 2019
    Roads to thousands of villages covered by thick snow
    ANKARA Harsh winter conditions dominate many parts of Turkey, affecting daily life.
    An old woman in eastern Bingol province was killed when an avalanche of snow fell over her from the roof of her house.
    The roads to thousands of villages across Turkey were covered with snow. In Ovacik district of eastern Tunceli province, the height of snow reached three meters (10 feet).
    Roads between Ankara-Izmir, Afyonkarahisar-Usak and Afyonkarahisar-Kutahya cities in western Turkey were blocked early Wednesday due to heavy snow.
    These roads were opened later with snow plowers.
    Aid agencies, Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and Turkish Red Crescent, distributed hot soup and food packets to 500 people stranded on the roads in western Kutahya province.
    Turkish Red Crescent teams also offered hot tea to those stuck in Kastamonu-Ankara road in northern Turkey.
    Avalanches blocked the Tunceli-Erzincan and Tunceli-Ovacik roads. Some 301 people stranded on the road were rescued by security forces.
    Primary, secondary and high schools in most districts of Eskisehir, Nevsehir, Kastamonu and Tokat provinces were closed on Wednesday due to harsh weather conditions.
    * Muharrem Cin from Kutahya, Abdullah Celik from Bingol, Ozgur Alantor from Kastamonu, Canan Tukelay from Afyonkarahisar, Haydar Toprakci from Tunceli contributed to the report.

    Turkey: Heavy snowfall disrupts roads, shuts schools
    Schools close their doors in 20 of the country’s 81 provinces, including Istanbul and Ankara 16.01.2019
    Heavy snowfall and frigid cold across Turkey led to the closure of schools and roads on Wednesday.
    Officials in 20 provinces out of 81 announced a school snow day after mostly central, eastern, and some parts of northern Turkey were covered in white.
    Due to frost and icing, many village roads and some streets and avenues were closed. Snow removal crews were working hard to reopen roads to traffic.
    According to the governor of central Sivas province, at least 20 people were injured in a bus accident on the Sivas-Kayseri highway due to snowy weather.
    Additionally, governor of the Mediterranean province of Antalya told Anadolu Agency that the Antalya-Konya highway was shut down due to heavy snow, while those trapped along the road were assisted.
    At least 68 vehicles stuck in 12 rural roads in the eastern province of Mus were recovered, while some people trapped in frigid weather along the Erzurum-Bingol highway east of the country were rescued.

  6. We had, torrential rain, strong winds, thunder, lightening, everything but frogs, locuts and zombies here in the Bay Area last night. Even an earthquake around 0600.
    Power went out at 1700 last night and didn’t come back until 1030 this am.
    5 killed. Lots of damage.
    Don’t want to over dramatize it, but it was a right good blow. Best(or worst) we’ve had in about 10 years.

  7. 1970’s it was not un normal to have 14 ft in Tahoe and I 80. The Indians had snowplows as far south as SanDiego.

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