Sierra snowpack way higher than average

Snowpack ranges from 106-125% of normal, more than double last years total.___________

10 Dec 2018 – Snowpack in the central Sierra, from Tahoe to Yosemite, stood at 113 percent of average as of last Wednesday, while snowpack in the south Sierrstood at 125 percent of average last Thursday thanks to a huge storm that brought feet of snow to Mono County.

NASA satellite images show a snow-less California as late as Nov. 20.

By Dec. 2, most of the Sierra was white-capped.

Multiple weather systems over the last two weeks have led to snowstorms, travel delays on Highway 50, “near white out conditions” in isolated areas and plenty of fresh powder at Tahoe ski resorts.




4 thoughts on “Sierra snowpack way higher than average”

  1. The South West USA drought of the previous Solar Warm Period has now ended, with most of the year-long fresh water obtained from this snowpack.
    The other point: humans are more at risk from dangerous, destructive weather during Summer and Autumn than during Winter and Spring.
    Equally 70 to 80 years Solar Warm Periods generate far more destructive events from Surface Sea Temperatures (SST) above 26C for much longer periods than during the much cooler periods of the cyclic GSM and following Gleissberg period. A prime example is this year’s hurricane season in the Atlantic.
    Yes, Cold kills though crop losses, famine and disease, but the time scales are weeks and months, not overnight as in a Hurricane or Tornado.

    • Hurricanes and tornadoes only kill people in their path who won’t build dome houses.
      Famines, 100ft of snow and cold kill about 99%

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