Signs of Sanity shock the Green World

Recovering from the global warming hysteria


Signs of Sanity shock the Green World

By Viv Forbes

President Trump’s Clexit (Climate Exit) from the Paris agreement is a great step towards recovery from the global warming hysteria.

With Thanks to Josh:

Coming soon after the UK Brexit which rejected the EU green octopus, the US Clexit will encourage Clexit efforts in places like central Europe, Canada and even in the decaying green swamp-lands in Germany and France. UK may even get the courage to “cut the green crap”.

This US Clexit follows the first step taken in 2010 when the canny Japanese refused to extend the Kyoto Protocol. And then Tony Abbott killed off Australia’s Carbon Tax.

The final step will be UN-CLEXIT – withdrawal from all UN climate agreements and obligations, and defunding the government climate “research” and propaganda industry.
Rosevale   Qld Australia

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13 thoughts on “Signs of Sanity shock the Green World”

  1. There is no need to replace the Paris agreement with anything.
    If the Americans opt out fine! The subject need not be addressed with more negotiations, deals or treaties.
    Honest climate research and monitoring wouldn’t be a bad idea but hamstringing the national economy due to science fraud has got to be stopped.

  2. It ain’t over yet – they’ll just continue sniping at Trump – actually that is probably wrong, they’ll up the rhetoric until they get the next US President to bring you back into the fold.

    What’s a four year delay as long as their gravy train keeps rolling ?

    I suspect Trump’s actions will not matter much if he doesn’t win the next election.

    If he really wants to cement this decision he needs to stop funding every UN climate program now. In four years the gravy train might just run out of money.

    The alarmists in the media are so cocky they actually believe the transition to “green” energy is unstoppable – they ain’t going away anytime soon and neither are businesses like GE who are probably totally dependent on windmills to keep the business alive.

    Expect to keep paying and paying unless Trump really hits them by cutting off all funding.

    • As soon as he’s gone and we have a democrat in office all his Exec Orders will be countermanded and the nation will be returned to accelerating the Globalists agenda.

      If he doesn’t start passing legislation (laws) everything he is trying to do will easily be unwound.

      We are in a temporary hold. That is unless they kill him.

      • Then may I suggest you start looking for the people that you need to put into Congress that will support Trump’s agenda. Letting the parties choose their offerings will only lead to what we already have. The parties are as wholly owned as the candidates they nominate, and the people that get elected. It was the voice of the people that forced the Republican’s into running Trump. It was the voice of the people that elected him. The people have to keep talking and vote in the support he needs. If they don’t, nothing matters, and it won’t matter if it is a “republican” or a “democrat” that is elected president. Either will be wholly owned by those that are driving the nation into oblivion, and either will work to undo anything he accomplishes.

    • Dream on if you think trump will be gone in 4 years, you are delusional. He is 8 years and then pence or his followers, long may we keep the vile left at bay they are so hideous.

  3. Trump has no intention of making America great again. He is just raising funds for military purposes. His plan is to remove the current leaderships in Syria, Iran and North Korea. Then as soon as these jobs are completed, the climate crock of crap will jump straight back into our media like a bad snowstorm. Just you watch.
    A noteworthy military success will swing opinion polls in Trump’s favor ensuring re-election. Then he is safe to spend his 2nd 4 years enslaving the hell out of what little freedoms we have left. Just you watch.

  4. today i read the aus govt is okaying 300?bil windmills in tassie to keep to zerocarbon agitprop
    so they drained Lake Pedder after they created it for hydro claimed it was excess unneeded..and tassies hydro is providing a large volume of power through vic and prob on to SA.
    cheaply. undersea Basslink cable.
    sa is now saying theyll use gas turbines and revamp torrens island
    cost? ssssshhhh dont say
    of course were selling our LNG to o/seas for a pittance running local supply short at top how will they find the gas for that then?
    Sth Aus THE leader in climate stupid!!

    i did read the german opposition is calling for germany to ditch the paris idiocy too
    its a beginning.

  5. I agree about limiting pollutants emissions (pollutants not CO2 of course) but with Paris treaty we are speaking about economical speculation instead of environment.

  6. Like a train on its tracks, the little ice age will be here within 13 years. Piers says it has already started. Whatever, within a few more years (LIA) Little Ice Age will sink global temperatures. So have a round of alcohol free whatever and start planning the big party – AND what you will do to protect yourself during it. Robert Felix said in his book that by changing what they plant, people can have more to eat – the present crops won’t make it. So read Robert’s book (order above) and “The Little Ice Age” by Brian Fagen (he is neither alarmist or denier)

  7. Trump needs the Republican Congress to investigate the Climate fraud at the heart of Government. Then bring the perps to justice that is the only way to slay the Green Dragon which has been manufactured within the US educational establishment over the last 40 years.
    The President proposes, Congress disposes, let Congress deal with the Paris treaty.
    Then defund the entire UN, why fund it when it is working against your interest. The prime reason for the UN is the Security Council which doesn’t work to control rogue states, which still allows them via their veto to invade independent states, or allows their proxy dictators to commit war crimes with chemical weapons of mass destruction on the proxies own people.
    The IPCC isn’t a reasoned climate research body like the WHO, it is a UN body designed to convert the world to a socialist command economy, where the commissars feed on the best, whilst the proletariat struggle on the scraps or starve to death as they did in the Ukraine under Stalin.

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