Sinabung erupts – Thousands flee 

Sinabung erupts – Thousands flee 

On Monday (today), at least 28 pyroclastic flows – surges of hot ash and gas that rush down the side of the mountain at high speed – crashed down the flanks of Sumatra’s Mount Sinabung.

At least 3,000 people living near its slopes have had to leave, including 1,200 on Monday alone. Many more are expected to evacuate in coming days.

Gede Suantika, an Indonesian government volcanologist, said there were signs a lava dome was growing on Mount Sinabung.

Lava domes are pile-ups of magma near the vent at the top of a volcano, that have been known to collapse and flow down mountain sides at high speed.

According to, the lava dome continues to grow at a rate of approx 100,000 cubic meters per day.

Before 2010, the volcano had been dormant for more than 400 years.

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According to, “Sinabung resides NE of the closest margin of Toba caldera, the largest volcano of this type known on Earth.”

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  1. FATALIST DEPOPULATOR pope cannot even fix a Naples evacuation drill around Vesuvius, and he will survive a global revolt if a new volcanic glacial occurs?

  2. What are pyroclastic flows apart from the obvious? They are the worlds reward for those foolish enough to think they can get away with living too close to volcanoes. Naples, Italy and the surrounding towns are tempting fate and are classic examples of where not to build human habitations. One day they will be rewarded. I expect that Indonesia also has its fair share of the same problem. What a pretty view of the mountains! What wonderful soil to grow crops in. What a quick death from the pyroclastic flows. People never learn from history. Ironically geoscientists are prone to getting killed by volcanoes and that prompts the proverb ,”He who lives by the volcano, dies by the volcano!” If in doubt ask the Krafts and the dead scientists that were killed by Galeras in Columbia. They all took a chance and they got killed for it. People need more respect for Volcanoes.

    • Yes, people do need more respect for Volcanoes. They also need more respect for Tsunami, if they live on the coast. Earthquakes, if they live near a fault. Ice and Snow, if in high elevations or near a Pole.

      Pretty much anywhere you call home will have some feature that /could/ kill you. You need to know the geologic risk for your region, and respect it (if you want to live).

      I amazes me that a Californian can snort “Don’t build your house where there are tornadoes!” and a Texan can say at the same time “Don’t build on a fault line!”… Don’t build where a Tsunami could get you. Don’t build on a mountain because of landslides. Don’t build on sand. Don’t build in a desert. Don’t build at the base of a volcano. Don’t build next to a river. Don’t don’t don’t. Well, what’s left to build on?

      There are risks everywhere … so pick the one risk you feel most comfortable with, and prepare for that risk becoming a reality. It isn’t Fringe living or being paranoid, it’s being /practical/. Go on, be the unpopular little pig and save your bacon. 🙂

  3. The dome is growing by 100,000 cubic metres a day!

    Could this be a super volcano growing before our eyes?

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