Another skeptic fired

Another skeptic fired

A chilling message to any professor who thinks he/she can break ranks with the regime.

“Dr. Drapela is an outspoken critic of the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming, the official religion of the State of Oregon, the Oregon Democratic Party, and Governor John Kitzhaber.”

We keep hearing that global warming MUST be true, because you can find very few peer-reviewed papers written by skeptics.

Well, guess why not. Would you want to get fired from a desperately needed, high-paying job?

Meanwhile, I’m guessing that Professor Kari Norgaard, the Oregon State professor who declared that climate skepticism is a sickness that needs to be treated, still has her job.

Prof Norgaard presented a paper in March “dealing with how best to do away with the evil of scepticism and get the human race to focus all its efforts on saving the planet.”

Looks like she’s succeeding.

“Climate Skeptic Instructor Fired from Oregon State University,” reads the headline on Watts Up With That?

Gordon Fulks sent this summary of the situation to meteorologist  Anthony Watts and asked that it be distributed. Anthony was happy to oblige, and so am I. For some background on Dr. Drapela’s skeptical views, this slideshow “Global Warming Cracked Open” might give some insight into OSU’s booting him out.


From Gordon Fulks:

Hello Everyone,

In theory at least Oregon State University (OSU) seems to be a bastion of academic freedom, diversity, and tolerance. A wide range of ideas are openly discussed. The most viable rise to the top and the least viable fade away. But it is all a fairy tale, because OSU operates under a politically correct regimen that dictates what is acceptable to say and what is not. Transgressors who dare to be different are eventually weeded out so that the campus maintains its ideological purity.

OSU is not yet as swift or efficient as the Soviet system when Joseph Stalin was trying to quash dissent among biologists who refused to go along with Trofim Lysenko. If warnings to compromise their integrity were not followed, Stalin simply had biologists shot. That quickly thinned the ranks of all biologists and persuaded the remaining ones to comply with Stalin’s wishes. Of course, it also destroyed Soviet biology, because Lysenko was pedaling nonsense. And Russian biology has never recovered.

We learned over the weekend that chemist Nickolas Drapela, PhD has been summarily fired from his position as a “Senior Instructor” in the Department of Chemistry. The department chairman Richard Carter told him that he was fired but would not provide any reason. Subsequent attempts to extract a reason from the OSU administration have been stonewalled. Drapela appears to have been highly competent and well-liked by his students. Some have even taken up the fight to have him reinstated.

What could possibly have provoked the OSU administration to take precipitous action against one of their academics who has been on their staff for ten years, just bought a house in Corvallis, and has four young children (one with severe medical problems)?

Dr. Drapela is an outspoken critic of the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming, the official religion of the State of Oregon, the Oregon Democratic Party, and Governor John Kitzhaber.

Five years ago, Oregon State Climatologist George Taylor went around quietly saying that he was not a believer. Then Governor Ted Kulongoski and many faculty at OSU including Dr. Jane Lubchenco made life impossible for Taylor, and he retired. (Lubchenco is now head of NOAA in the Obama administration.) Under those currently in charge, OSU climate research has grown to be a huge business, reportedly $90 million per year with no real deliverables beyond solid academic support for climate hysteria. A small army of researchers ponder the effects of Global Warming on all sorts of things from tube worms living along the Oregon Coast to butterflies inland. When the climate refuses to warm (as it has for the last twenty years), they just study ‘warming in reverse!’ Most of us call that “cooling,” but they are very careful not to upset their Obama administration contract monitors with politically incorrect terminology.

Skeptics of Global Warming who oppose the OSU approach and oppose the politicians who make it all possible but do not work for OSU also find themselves attacked. Dr. Art Robinson who is running against Peter DeFazio for an Oregon Congressional seat found three of his children under attack at OSU. All were attempting to obtain advanced degrees in the Nuclear Engineering Department and were threatened with dismissal. Because Robinson fought back, we understand that the OSU administration backed down.

As to the latest victim of political correctness at OSU, Dr. Nickolas Drapela gives us an excellent synopsis of what is going on:

“The fact of the matter is that it is now two weeks since I was fired and no one has had the cajones or the common courtesy to even tell me why. I have spoken with the Dept. Chair (Rich Carter) who fired me, and he refused to tell me why. I spoke to the Dean of Science (Vince Remcho) and he couldn’t tell me why. I spoke to HR who set up a meeting with me, then cancelled it an hour before. Then I went to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (Becky Warner) and she sent me back to Rich Carter, the chemistry chair.It’s just a sad, sad state of affairs that an institution like OSU would fire a good employee for (ostensibly) no reason and then run around and hide from the person they fired. I had stellar teaching evaluations, I won College of Science awards for teaching, and published textbooks. My class sections were always full and I was well-liked by students (see here). I was doing my job very well. But I guess I didn’t march in step with their philosophies.

There were quite a few student protests over this at OSU (Barometer, Facebook, etc.) but to no avail.

I was given no severance and had no warning this was about to happen. In fact, I was lured into the chair’s office under the guise of a fallacious story before being fired.

As you know, I was probably the most visibly-outspoken critic of the Global Warming doctrine at OSU. I gave several public talks on the topic and did research in the area which I regularly posted on the web. I was also on a few talk radio shows in the area. I think they finally just said, we can’t have this.

Can it be that a university whose motto is “Open minds. Open doors” cannot abide even one faculty member who disagrees with their dogma? I suppose I am too naive, but I’m still reeling from it. Unbelievable.

I should say that they regularly read all my email communications, which is why I am writing from this private email address. That has been going on for quite some time now.

As far as my options at this point, like I said I haven’t even really grasped what has just happened. I don’t know what I’m going to do, or what options I have yet. I’m sure OSU wants their story to be tight and perfectly identical among all administration before coming out with an official reason why I was fired, hence the long wait and refusal to speak to me.

I truly thank you for your concern, and I hope there is some recourse, even just for the sake of exposing what is happening at OSU.”

In a separate e-mail Drapela went on to say:

“Thanks so much for your support and your concern. That’s really nice. My students were all really upset about it. They started an email writing campaign to have me re-hired but I guess no one cares what they think.

I find that the people who want to keep things secret all the time are usually the people that have something to hide. It is certainly ok by me for you to disseminate this story. But I’m sure OSU would be horrified.

I’m not sure how I will support my family at this point. We just bought a house in Corvallis. I have four kids, one of whom has a rare, blood disorder and requires regular trips to Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital for treatment. Now we will be without health insurance.

We can only speculate as to how the decision to fire Drapela was made. Unlike the decision to force Taylor out (which came from the governor’s office), this decision was likely internal to OSU with the implicit backing of Governor Kitzhaber and NOAA administrator Lubchenco. I would suspect that Dr. Phil Mote (Director of their Climate Change Research Institute) had a hand in the decision, because he has previously been highly intolerant of those who oppose his ideas and could potentially threaten his business empire.

Please join with me in supporting Nick Drapela. Please join with me in supporting objective science, as well as academic freedom, diversity, and tolerance. The issues here go far beyond just Global Warming and strike at the very heart of who we are as scientists and Americans.

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
Corbett, Oregon USA

Thanks to Greg Pauletti for this link


21 thoughts on “Another skeptic fired”

  1. Why bother debating or testing a hypothesis (that science stuff) when you can just fire the guy and ruin his life (as a warning to others).

  2. Well everybody knows the tail wags the dog and 2+2=5,and plant food is over heating the planet and,fluoride,murcury,aspartame,nuclear fallout,radiation,depleted uranium,ethylene glycol,prozac,seroquel,zyprexa are good for you!,and merck,glaxosmithkline,eli lilly,the EPA and the FDA love you to death!,and if you disagree you are a conspiracy theorist wacko,or a climate change denying republican!

  3. Please ask Drapela to set up a web store selling a short e-Pamphlet telling her story.

    I would be happy to buy it for a $10 donation. I bet there are enough readers of the various blogs that care about this travesty of justice to provide a substitute “severance pay” to ease the transition to unemployment for such a fearless truth-teller.

    • You didn’t think freedom of speech or opinion would be tolerated hear in america did you?I guess you have the feedom to be politically correct inside the left right paradigm, you cant be against the wars on the right or your called un american you cant be against agw on the left or shit like this happens.

  4. This happens way too much in the Academic profession.
    If you question what is inside the box and that the answer outside the box the professor is either fired or forced to quiet. Dr Lubchenco has just prove she doesn’t report the facts. NOAA has released a report stating that it was the hottest Spring om record in the US> I guess the late spring snow storm in up state New York, the hard freezes in Ohio and Michigan didn’t happen this past spring. I am sure the farmers that lost their corps
    are glad it is all a hoax. This one reason you can not longer trust college professors to be honest and truthful with the facts.

  5. I am glad I have tenure at the public university at which I am a professor. This kind of thing has been happening to other conservatives too, such as young earth creationists.

  6. Galileo was condemned because he thought the earth revolved around the sun – but nobody wanted to accept it because it went against their religious doctrine. We now accept his proposal as a fact.

    Drapela has been fired because he thinks that the earth is actually cooling – but nobody wanted to accept it because it went against their money-making hoax. Soon we will find out the facts. Unlike Galileo, these facts might actually spell the end of civilisation as we know it…

    I guess history really DOES repeat itself!

    • And how much it does:
      “… Galileo’s part in the controversies over theology, astronomy, and philosophy culminated in his trial and sentencing by the Roman Inquisition in 1633 on a grave suspicion of heresy …”
      which happened to occur just prior to the beginning of the Maunder minimum.
      Yes, it’s happening again!

      • I’m sorry for my previous comment, it was totally meaningless and inappropriate.
        I’m a fan of Dr. Drapela and he and his family are in my prayers to not suffer anymore in the hands of forces of deception behind what is possibly the greatest scientific lie of all time.
        I apologize!

  7. Unfortunately this situation has been going on since the mid 40’s with the stifling of truthful information regarding archaeology and healthcare. Now the Powers That Be are attacking anyone that does not uphold the Great Lie about global warming. The truth is not being told and main stream media cower in a corner and report only what they are told to report. The public are force fed sports and trivia while the truth pays the price and the Powers That Be continue their deception.

  8. Watch the movie (DVD) “EXPELLED – No Intelligence Allowed” Ben Stein, (lawyer, commedian, and actor) stars in a film that reveals the fact that many educators and scientists are being denied employment for even proposing that there is any evidence for design in nature, or that there may be flaws in evolutionary thinking. Academic excellence or popularity with students is no protection against the type of sackings suffered by Dr Drapella.

  9. Just one more example of environmental fascism…….
    they would make Benito Musolini very proud. This should be appealed to the state labor board since they never gave him any factual reason for his termination, other than his factual science based opinions and actions on a issue that is protected by the first amendment of the constitution……….

  10. Open minds open doors are suddenly shut they were shut by closed minds and closed minds keep it that way. They have exposed themselves for what they really are parasitic functionaries and destroyers of true science.

  11. If you move to the threats that means the theory of global warming no longer stands. Just the other day I was wondering what will happen in the future, in front of all the cold, how can they justify a warming?

  12. Oregon State University is famous for this kind of retaliation when students and professors speak “out of turn”. Please check out the site Oregon State outrage

    For what is happening to three students from the same family who stepped on the administrator’s toes by saying things the professors didn’t like.

    Academic freedom is a sham, especially in Oregon! As a result winnowing truth from falsehood becomes a crap shoot – thank heavens for places like this site.

  13. How many times have we as a species seen this sort of violent rejection of new ideas? Whether Galileo in the 17th century or Colonel Billy Mitchell in the 20th, whenever a body politic is forced to face the possibility that its long held and cherished beliefs are fundamentally flawed you can count on the response to be swift, violent, and designed to persecute as a means of dissuading others from following similar lines of thinking.
    Let the re-education camps be opened and the house burning begun!

  14. This has the makings of a multimillion dollar lawsuit. I presume the professor has an employment
    contract. Conspiracy to defraud is a very serious
    civil action and the perpetrators should be sued
    severally and individually. Malice is apparant and this malfeasance cannot be allowed. No doubt the student supporters would make excellent witnesses. No doubt some attorney could make a name for herself my taking down these knowledge fascists.
    Good luck!

  15. Unbelievable!
    So sad things like this happen, it’s a pity that true science has been infiltrated by politics so deeply that we’re at the threshold of turning “pseudo-science” into a agency of chaos and violence in human society, when it should be a source of superior organization and empowerment of people.
    We’re living in sad critical times, this cannot go on for much longer.

  16. As a college professor friend of mine told me many years ago, the loftier the ideals of the organization, the dirtier the politics behind the scenes. This affair looks like corroboration.

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