Ski World Cup race cancelled – Too much snow

Famous downhill race in Wengen, Switzerland, called off.

Saturday’s race at the Lauberhorn course was dropped after more than 40cm (16in) of snow fell overnight.

The snow, combined with extreme cold, icy weather, strong winds and powerful storms, have brought traffic chaos, power cuts and travel delays across Europe, including power cuts to nearly 350,000 homes in France.

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6 thoughts on “Ski World Cup race cancelled – Too much snow”

  1. Amazing! Now carbon dioxide causes too MUCH snow. This trace gas known as plant food sure is versatile: it closed a number of ski areas in Colorado, USA last week as well. Nothing new – when I was there in the 90s we used to often snowboard down waist-deep-plus chutes of fluffy-dry white… oh joy!

    Meanwhile in ‘summer’ New Zealand the climate pharisees have [reluctantly] updated their warnings of snowfalls down to 700m (2,000+ ft) for this Wednesday / Thursday. Summer? Excellent!

  2. AS Wenger was seriously lacking in snow prior to this dump and as the snow totals currently are 40cm lower, 65cm upper, this is hardly ‘too much snow’.

    The race was cancelled due to ‘too much NEW snow’……

  3. Perfectly frozen fox is eerie reminder that nature is cruel

    This poor fox is one of the victims of extreme weather conditions that are gripping vast parts of Germany and Europe. 
    A hunter in the southern city of Fridingen told the news agency dpa that the fox fell through the thin ice of the Danube river and drowned. 
    Franz Stehle, who cut the ice block and later put it on display outside his family hotel, said it’s not unusual for animals to break through the frozen surface of the river in winter.

  4. This is one of the big “classic races” and they try every means possible to make sure there are no cancellations. I was watching on Eurosport and it was bad. Not only Switzerland but also Germany where the biathlon was taking place.

  5. Downhill races are run on hard-packed courses. Then they add “snow cement” to make it even harder. So the surface won’t breakup with each racer.
    Fifteen inches of fresh snow would take a couple days to set up for the race.

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