Skiing in Colorado on the 4th of July

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area in Summit County formally announced Thursday afternoon that the ski area will be open for skiing and riding Thursday, July 4.

In a news release, A-Basin spokeswoman Katherine Fuller also said July 4 will be the ski area’s official closing date for the 2018-19 ski season.

Thanks to Don Bishop and Lee Holsen for this link

2 thoughts on “Skiing in Colorado on the 4th of July”

  1. Cali too, good clean fun 😉
    Anybody else skied Slush Cup @ Mt Baker on the 4th??
    Now that was a party..

  2. Baker Slush Cup?
    Yeah-1963 and 1964.
    Sunny weather–never tried to ski across the melt-pond, which was crazy. Saw guys get injured and skis delaminated.
    But it was fun to drink beer and watch.
    Second time was fun too and I had learned about putting sunscreen on the underside of my bare arms.
    Got sunburn from the reflection off the snow.
    Albedo sunburn?

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