Slavery to the empire-building Communists and their planned world government

“Facilitating the world-wide communist super state, administered by the UN Oligarchy.”
– J.H. Walker

Slavery to the empire-building Communists and their planned world government

J.H. Walker

Joe Biden, AOC, Democrats and environmentalist groups would end the capacity of the US to continue as a trading nation and as an Energy Civilisation Nation of the first order, quickly losing the capacity to generate wealth to maintain its position as a first nation and military superpower and quickly sinking into obscurity, facilitating the world-wide communist super state, administered by the UN Oligarchy.

An Energy Civilisation Nation depends on the ability to generate energy of all types 24/7/365 in a cheap, reliable, and abundant manner; energy to power the entire nation, its commerce, its government and military.

The Democrat and NATO political left only offer the economic-energy-slavery of every Western nation to the empire-building Communists and their planned world government.

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  1. More music stars change their ‘unacceptable’ names

    Boomers are not the result of too much required reading… er… I guess these banned books were required reading back in the 60/70’s… no wonder we’re all anachronisms now.

    I was in S.A. when they’d just recently banned “BB” (that’s what they called it back in ’77 – I had to ask what they meant when S.A.fers referred to “BB” – I thought they were referring to Bridget Bardot… the “BB” book was just recently banned because of the “B” word in the title…and the censors obviously hadn’t bothered [or were unable] to read/understand it – it was an absurd joke to the SA Brits and for sure us two Canuks back then… it’s no myth… but now it looks like it soon will be. I even had my belongings searched for banned publications after arriving there by ship (don’t know why they singled me out of the crowd – except for maybe getting a bit too close to daddy’s (the S.A. Ambassador to England’s – returning to SA after/because? of a “trumped up” IDiamondB scandle) little girl – nothing was allowed off the ship until daddy’s well polished RR car was first offloaded on the dock by crane – no joke – he’d given me his business card as a sort of get out of jail card if I needed it but said he’d preferred if I didn’t;)… but they did find one banned “publication” printed on a small item of packed clothing I’d bought just before leaving at London flea market that I won’t mention;)… we were 20 y/o at the time and had just recently watched the live J. P. Donleavy play
    … its “humor that stops just short of poetry” and it’s likely to be banned very soon too – it didn’t affect my attitude… much;). (video)

    Got to “up close” preview SA, Yemen, Ven. and many Euro countries before they all “went full idiocracy and crashed” so it’s about time it all went global. God Save the Queen.

  2. “Blessed are they who in this sea of frailty,
    climb aboard a piece of ass as it floats by.”
    – J.P. Donleavy from The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B

  3. When one looks at what “corporations,” those entities that Jefferson so detested, are doing on the world scene, I don’t know for sure that the Democrats even matter. We appear to be on a road to rule by corporate decision, not by nation, or even the UN.

    With the Main Scream Media attempting to divide every one and pigeonhole us in our separate castes, it would appear that governments are going to shortly be a thing of the past and we will all belong to those who will pull our strings and make our little puppet selves dance to whatever tune they choose.

    Welcome to the future of the Terminator movies, where actually the “government” is self chosen corporate entities instead of anything related to “the governed.”

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