Smallest French wheat harvest in at least a decade

Persistent rain the culprit.

“In France, the situation has continued to deteriorate,” said Pierre Begoc of consultancy Agritel

In late spring, torrential rain, unusually low sunshine levels and widespread plant disease hampered growth of wheat grains.

In Germany, winter wheat yields could fall 10 to 20 percent from last year,

As in Germany, rain was raising concerns about quality downgrades to wheat crops in Poland.

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12 thoughts on “Smallest French wheat harvest in at least a decade”

  1. Adapt claims to have knowledge of Chinese mass starvation due to excessive flooding, anyone here have any other sources?

    Wonder if and or when China will expand its regions if the as the climate becomes worse?

    How far south will they go.

    Last I looked has been a year or so the Chinese gave Australia an ultimatum to go with them or U.S..

  2. That happened to some here in IL. in2015, elevators wouldn’t take it, this year was ok crop, but wouldn’t dry to good in the field. My brother had to run his through the grain dryer, I never remember having to start the dryer in the middle of summer.

  3. more damp means far more soil fungus n mould diseases
    and they are a pig to eradicate once they get a hold.
    and of course the old cleanup that worked pretty well
    Burning it all
    isnt “socially acceptable” to the cretins with a AGW bent

    • Laurel, you sound like an old farmer. I’d like to hear more about the soil disease issue and what burning does.

      • Hi John
        well old?hmm yeah getting that way
        60 is looming;-(
        Ive lived on farms other people owned and in rural areas for the best parts of my life:-)
        and in cities for the worst parts;-(
        family both sides were rural n remote Aus either farmworkers or landowners in small ways.
        so the soil issue n burning
        well if you have mould fungus and pests that tend to over winter or even lurk as larvae or eggs over summer ie rutherglen bug especially an issue for me presently, then a stubble or trash burn of the paddocks rips into all those pests and when ploughed in asap after Potash and charcoal(the newfangled carbon) get incorporated
        oxygen gets in to help stop the anaerobic bugs taking a hold
        and the broken areas allow water ingress when and if it rains
        green or dry weedy plant material isnt there to be fire hazard later on in summer either.
        the “new” idea re no till relies on weedicide and pesticide instead
        they poison the soil and the plants we eat. and kill worms etc that can n do escape a fire burn fairly well.
        the fact Monmongrels and others push the climate con and their so called better options in the name of saving the planet via GMO and chem??
        ought to be a Huge red Flag to all.
        I ran a small soil lab for a while
        the farmers using roundup etc ..their soil samples even with 48hrs water to encourage soil biota?
        were painfully low in anything much at all
        and bacteria more than good bugglies most times.
        Ive just managed to buy 7 acres ajoining my 3:-)
        so I am just starting the long haul to refresh land thats had nothing done for decades bar 20 sheep grazing it to dirt and no inputs bar their poop.
        beginning is tilling just before rains to get water IN and weeds dug in to rot down
        oat n pasture blends planted
        fighting bunnies n roos till fence is meshes and 6ft raised,
        main use is for even more green mulch to be slashed n ploughed in late spring and some graze for my pets.
        soils here are poor sandy and calc deficient so I am choosing plants that thrive on crap soil till it adjusts to be better n richer. prob 4 to 5 have to remember it took a long time to get bad, it takes time to rebuild too:-)
        I strongly recommend reading any and all of the Albrecht papers
        and Charles Walters Weed control without poison
        Arden Anderson is a bit newer style but bases on both
        I removed wild geranium which is a huge issue with spearlike seeds that easily pierce dogs and others feet and cause a lot of grief simply by applying rockdust and changing the soil profile so the weed chooses not to grow.

  4. So we won’t be able to afford meat and the quality/quantity of the vegetarian is going down hill. It looks like the attempt to depopulate the planet is going to work.

  5. That’s how the last mini-ice-age started, cool rainy summers and low crop yields leading to food shortages. Although we have a much better food distribution system now as oppose to then, the food prices will go up.

  6. The inverse correlation between grain prices and sunspots has been well established for at least a couple of centuries. It will be interesting to see if Canada’s yields are down this year as well as yields in France. This is a good indicator of a coming LIA. Of course, it might be that some areas in more southern climes can make up the difference and keep prices in check.

  7. This is not in the MSM news , because this story does not confirm the communist narrative . This summer saw record strawberry-prices in Europe ,although a mayor part of the supply is completely dominated by strong retail-chains forcing dependent farmers to produce at rock-bottom pricings , for instance leading to further deflation , a known killer , in our societies . Nevertheless where demand and supply are still functioning in an orderly manner , the adverse weatherconditions were priced in this commodity market , leading to big upward price-swings . Apparently strawberry-growing in Scandinavia and Scot land is becoming a thing of the past . Are we seeing the way the future is heading here right in front of our eyes ?

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