Snake-oil Salesman Ups the Ante – Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming

Former Vice President Al Gore is now telling his climate disciples that God commands us to go forth and fight global warming.

While promoting  his new global warming film “An Inconvenient Sequel,” Gore compared the fight against global warming to a religious-based, moral crusade similar to the civil rights fight, women’s suffrage, and the abolitionist movement during the Civil War era.

Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” is filled with mistaken assertions and failed predictions, says this article on Breitbart. “Despite the many inaccuracies of his previous film, in an interview last year Gore still insisted that he “underestimated” how bad global warming is.”

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23 thoughts on “Snake-oil Salesman Ups the Ante – Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming

  1. Mr Gore should be put back in his straitjacket and returned
    to the madhouse whence he came.

  2. What I never understand about alarmists is that they appear to be wasting that most precious resource we possess – our lives.

    What is really wrong with the world ? Our cities are becoming less livable due to population pressure and economics but the Sun still shines, the rain falls and despite all the hyperbole only minimum temperatures have shown any increase while maximums are either at the same level as 80 years ago or lower.

    What is wrong with people who fret over global warming ?

    Firstly there isn’t any at present.

    Secondly any effects are minuscule.

    Thirdly people like Gore are blatant profiteers taking cynical advantage of ordinary gullible people’s fears.

    Grow up and live your life and appreciate your precious gift – live a low carbon-dioxide emission life if that turns you on but stop caterwauling about something that might or might not happen 83 years from now.

    I’ll bet you anything that there is no global catastrophe due to CO2 now or ever.

    The very idea that something with such a tiny concentration with no energy producing capacity at all can cause catastrophe is simply laughable !

  3. “Snake-oil Salesman Ups the Ante – Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming”

    Can there be any doubt that liar’s are more dangerous than thieves and murderers?
    The thief might rob you and the murderer might kill you but the liar can get you robbed and or killed in a court of law and possibly in the name of god all nice and legal.

    • Recall that when speaking of Satan, the Lord said, “He (Satan) was a “Liar” and a murderer from the beginning” !

      Liar came “first”, and murderer came “second” !!

      On last breath day, liars will have it worse then murderers !!!

      Al Gore…

  4. This guy reminds me of Jimmy Swaggart – preaching hellfire and brimstone to the deluded whilst knocking off whores off-stage…..

  5. he failed divinity school i gather;-)
    so a faith of his own seemed like such a good idea
    mans got a messiah complex
    actually it should be Meshuggana!!

  6. Does Gore have any qualifications in chemistry, physics or geology? If not, he should be liable for prosecution as an imposter (pretending he’s a scientist), the same way that a fake medical practitioner or unqualified person practicing as a lawyer can be charged.

  7. Which reminds me… DiCaprio, one of the big Hollywood crusaders for AGW, just up and bought beachfront property in Malibu. Why would he do that if he really believed that “global warming” was going to cause sea level rise? Another super hypocrite!

    and BTW Robert… I keep having difficulty getting onto your website, they keep saying they are having probems loading due to confirming the identity of the site and it may be a “malicious” website. Watch your back!! I added the site as an exception in FireFox and was finally able to get on (but only after 5 tries when I got that error message).

  8. Global warming has been a religion for years. Nice of Gore to admit it and that it is nothing to do with science anymore.

  9. I am pleased that Gore is actually calling this what it is–a religious movement.

    It has all the hallmarks:
    1. Sinning and sinners.
    2. Indulgences for the rich.
    3. Pain and suffering for everyone else.
    4. Threats of Armageddon.

  10. So God was responsible for the plethora of inaccurate predictions supporting AGW (al gore warming, to me)??

    Oh, I guess then the answer is: “well God works in mysterious ways”.

    In reality, where the majority of us live, Global Warming is scientifically indefensible.

    • Should we thus be saying “Thank God for hanging chad, but why, God did you have to choose another burning Bush?”

    • Hazardous indeed! A liar with access to the launch codes.
      Not a new problem but one worth preventing.

  11. That stupid idiot liar!
    I don’t think God (or aliens so to speak) will save his ass from all that past stupidity…….

    Ain’t gonna work man

  12. Great website. I found you on another blog. Just so you know, when I typed in on Google it came up as a 404 forbidden site.

    When I went onto startpage and typed in iceagenow on the search engine bar, it came right up.

    • Thank you. You’re the second person in the past week who has had a similar problem. This even though my sites are secure. (They are httpS .) I don’t know what is going on with this.

  13. I went to the Breitbart ariticle, and to be fair to Al Gore, he did not claim that God told him anything. He did say that he believes we have a God-given obligation to care for God’s creation. I agree with that. At that point, however, former Vice-President Gore and I must part ways.

    He is wrong far too often about far too many things. For instance, his statement that the interior of the earth was “several million degrees.” That is sheer nonsense. He recently said that current events on earth were like “a nature hike through the book of Revelation” and cited the 70% of Florida in drought statistic. The problem with that is, Florida goes through a dry season typically, and it comes to and end when the rainy season comes, normally. The rainy season has come, and so the dreadful 70% drought is now down to 14.62%.

    We do need to care for God’s creation, it is a marvelous gift. I don’t believe in man made global warming, and I don’t see any evidence that the planet is dangerously warming with or without our help. We need common sense leaders on these issues, and it would be helpful if Gore would step aside.

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