Sneaking a peak – Video

How is this related to the climate? This guy may be in for a bit of a “cold snap” from his wife.

During a televised state dinner on Jan 15, Princess Mary of Denmark caught the First Gentleman of Finland staring at her cleavage.

Unfortunately for the First Gentleman, Pentti Arajarvi, the cameras were pointed at them at the time.

The First Gentleman may be in for a bit of a “cold snap” from his wife.

Okay, okay, maybe it’s a stretch to tie this to the climate, but with all of the drastic cold-related news coming out of Europe, reader Winona Campbell thought we needed a bit of fun.

8 thoughts on “Sneaking a peak – Video”

  1. Having watched it a couple of times, I have a problem with this. Seems to me there is about as much cleavage there as there is truth in global warming. If he gets the cold shoulder for that “peek,” well, all I can say to him is next time, at least find something to look at.

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