Snoqualmie Pass BURIED in Snow

Snow depth increases 50 inches (127 cm) in 5 days – Two to three more feet (60-90 cm) in the next 72 hours.

“Prof. Cliff Mass has a blog post up on the snow hammering the Cascades,” says reader Don Villeneuve. “For those not in the Pacific Northwest, Snoqualmie Pass sits at 3,022 ft/920 m. in the Cascade Mtns.

Here are the latest numbers from Washington Department of Transportation.    26 inches of snow between 6 AM Monday and 6 AM Tuesday, with 85 inches on the ground.  An increase of 50 inches in 5 days.

wsdotSnow-22Dec15The Wednesday report shows another 11 inches of new snow with another 2 to 3 feet forecast for the next 72 hours.

The pass has been closed several times during the past few days, with chains often required.  So far this year over 12 feet of snow has fallen in Snoqualmie, eclipsing the total snowfall of the entire last year.

Don’t be surprised to see a few flakes at sea level during the next few days, particularly over NW Washington, says Maas.

Thanks to Don Villeneuve for this link

“It is time to trade weather with the east coast,” says Don.

5 thoughts on “Snoqualmie Pass BURIED in Snow”

  1. Strong el Nino. Nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps Washington State could collect it all when it melts and sell it to California?

  2. This is the damned problem from the beginning this month. It’s been very warm this month in the East because of the same pattern that’s causing the heavy snows out West. Trough west = ridge and warmth East. This pattern should be able to break around New Years.

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