Snow in all 50 states

Snowfall accumulations as far south as the Gulf Coast!

Yesterday morning, all 50 states and 52.3 percent of the country were covered in snow.

To have snow on the ground in all 50 states – at the same time – is fairly rare. The last time that happened was on February 12th, 2010.

Brrr… So Much for Global Warming Junk Science – US Has Snow Cover in All 50 States

Thanks to Glenn Cuthbert, Vance, Jack Hydrazine and Benjamin Napier for these links

5 thoughts on “Snow in all 50 states”

  1. But there’s a scientific consensus, it’s a tiny increase in the trace gas CO2 that’s disturbing the jet stream, and causing it to snow. Must be true cos Al Gore says so!

  2. Yeaugh but you can’t fix stupid and you can’t argue with a liberal Democrat LOL

    Liberals will tell you that this is “caused” by global warming hehehe.
    To them, cold means hot. So whenever it snows – it’s hot, according to liberals. If the Earth’s average temperature were to drop 10 degrees F, they will scream that man-made global warming is happening and they’ll blame it on our SUV’s. Trying to teach or convince liberals about facts would just be a total waste of time. Their motto is: “don’t tell me about facts – my mind is made up.”

    You can’t fix stupid! And liberals are, of course, stupid!

  3. and today in aus?
    we have hugh ove whatsis face and others trying to convince us aus has its 3rd hottest yr evah!
    in just 10yr period)despite even nasa saying not)
    they timed it for a full on stinker of a day avg temp close to or over 40c
    i regd 46.6 in the sun and wind
    the official was a 42c
    funny how when they do “global temps” the extreme cold for long periods never manages to outdo the shorter hot periods???
    lies damned lies and?? statistics

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