Snow alert for Britain

Thundersnow possible as Arctic plunge smashes UK

Met forecaster says temperatures could dip to -4C (24.8F) in rural regions overnight into Monday with much of the country likely to wake to frost.

Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, said stormy conditions clashing with freezing air could trigger “thundersnow” in the north.

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  1. Oh no! Every year you fall for the Waily Excess clickbait and do yourself a great disservice in doing so. The Daily Express is FAKE NEWS and should be kept well clear of.

  2. From when I read the link I knew it was going to be from the Daily Express. Most people with some common sense know that we are at the top of a hill and about to drop down the other side. The problem is that when it get sensationalised, just like this, people switch off. I sometimes wonder whether it is actually deliberate to make sure people are not prepared.

  3. I’m a card carrying “calamitous AGW” sceptic ( Man has done his very little local bit over the years – just ask the peasants of Siberia what they did to melt snow in the early spring) but I’m even more sceptical of anything published by “The Express” (or “The Daily Mail”) regarding weather!

  4. Record snowfall brought the Pacific cyclone to Canada (Meteonovosti)
    Record snowfall de-energized early this week, thousands of homes and paralyzed traffic in the northeast of the Canadian province of British Columbia.
    According to local meteorologists, in the city of Fort St. John on Tuesday, October 24, fell 23 cm of snow. This value outstripped the previous day’s maximum by 15.2 cm. The previous record was set October 24, 1933.
    While in Vancouver it rains, all this rain has turned into a copious amount of snow in the world famous resort.
    The planned date for the opening of the resort this year is November 23.
    But with such a snowfall at the beginning of the season, maybe the resort will be opened earlier?
    It depends only on mother nature.

  5. The latest BBC forecast hints at ‘wintery’ showers in the north and north-east of the UK. Other than a few shepherds on the higher hills, the people who live in the cities will not see any snow falling near sea level.

  6. It also appears Minneapolis might get more snow than expected, they are getting lake effect from Lake Superior (somhow)!, as well as a connection to the Gulf of Mexico.

    It’s early for Minnesota snow.

  7. Oh, and so you don’t think I’m making this SST sea surface temperature stuff up, here’s the link. If it’s anything like the last few days, it changes way faster than I’d expect.

    It shows the entire globe anomaly, which I was assuming was the departure from average of the sea surface temperatures.

    Default map above shows the actual temperatures.

    If you click on the thumbnail below it to the right, there’s a map of reds and blues, the reds and the blues switch a lot more than a person, at least I, would expect, lately.

  8. beware the cries of ‘wolf’ from the Express. The blast looks as if it will largely slip down the North Sea, only affecting parts of eastern Britain.

  9. I agree with all of the comments re the Daily Express but Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction has a history of getting it right more times than the Met Office or any of the other weather forcasting organisations. If he says there is a chance of snow and ice then it is more likely to be true!

  10. Whilst I agree with everyone else about the “Express” as every year it comes out with the same headline ]by the law of averages they have to get it right one year]
    A few days ago the snow map on Net weather was showing snow for a lot of the U.K from the 2/11/17 for a couple of days.
    That has now all changed and snow is not on the cards [not when I last looked anyway]

  11. A cold snap for a week or so is on the books for the UK, looking at the models forecasts at —
    CFS ( ) and
    ECMWF (,Medium%20%2815%20days%29 ) show changes from just days ago, when both affirmed such a freezing blast.
    Both have now changed tack, pushing the low pressure further East towards Scandinavia (or Russia — model dependent), and delaying the high pressure move out from over Spain/Portugal and up to Greenland (or could be out to the Atlantic).

    So it looks as if yes UK will get colder especially in the east of the UK, Scotland may get intermittent snow, but the main hit of very cold looks to be going to Scandinavia and down through eastern France, Germany, Poland and Russia.

    But like all weather predictions, you don’t know what you’ll get till you got it! Piers Corbyn at WeatherAction may well be correct.

  12. It’s hard to tell anything from Corbyn’s dog breakfast of a website. I wish he’d do something about it.

    As for the Express, well they’re not a very reliable source of info for anything!

  13. I farted once and my computer’s voice recognition program typed out an article for the Express. Does look from GFS that UK will get occasional outbreaks of polar maritime air, brief between now and 5th Nov, then a bit more the following week, but the standard models are all over the place.

  14. Last night’s BBC forecast indicated that next weekend will see a shift to chilly PM air as the jet stream moves further south. Single figure temperatures in Scotland should produce snow on the higher hills.

  15. Halloween afternoon here in the Perthshire Highlands is at 14C with variable cloud and mild SW winds. Very pleasant for the time of year. Forecast is colder at weekend.

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