Snow almost up to your waist in Russia

Where are the biggest snowdrifts in Russia?

In mid-November, the largest snow cover in Russia, according to weather stations, was recorded in the northern Krasnoyarsk Territory. The leader is the Istok Difficult Access Station (TDS), located in the Snezhnogorsk region with a score of 76 cm (2½ feet), the second place is occupied by the village of Svetlogorsk – 68 cm (more than 2 ft). snow cover reached 55-57 cm.

Some territories in the Irkutsk and Magadan regions have not been left behind. Here, the height of the snow cover has also exceeded the 50 cm mark, as, for example, in Khamar-Daban, Irkutsk region (58 cm).

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  1. The world snowfall record from Washington State’s Mt Baker was 22 years ago going into a la Nina like we are now and NW snow pack is now 200 – 400% above normal:

    31″ forecast there, next 10 days:—add-more-layers/overlays?snowAccu,49.148,-122.201,8,m:e0zacMo

    Ski area is open and they’ve had 90″ in the last 8 days:

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