Snow and hail hit southern Italy as temperatures plunge

“Decidedly unusual for this time of year.”

The end of March is set to be unusually cold across much of Italy. This comes after weeks of mild weather, with wind, rain and even snow in some places this week.

Some parts of southern Italy woke up to snow or hail on Tuesday morning and temperatures dropped across the country as a cycle of freezing air moved in from Russia across parts of the Mediterranean.

A wave of frosty weather is expected to sweep across the south and centre of Italy of the country between Tuesday and Thursday, which is “decidedly unusual for this time of year”, writes

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“Video from relatives in southern Italy (Terlizzi-Bari-Apuglia) reported snowfall now,” says Martin. “Forecast today there: -2°C Min and 7°C Max.”

4 thoughts on “Snow and hail hit southern Italy as temperatures plunge”

  1. Snow in Southern California right now too. Why or how is global warming an emergency? I really don’t get it. It’s been consistent weather for years.

    • It’s not, some have just hijacked it to push their own selfish agenda. Climate change is very real however keep that in mind, historical records show us the the climate has changes many times in the past without any help at all from man.

  2. If I recall the video Little Ice Age Big Chill when the climate cooled people tended to stay in their tiny little homes to try to stay warm and dry and the plague infected Rats came in for the same reasons and the Black Death was the result. One might want to know what is going on with rodent population cycles and yersina pestis in the wild.


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