“Snow apocalypse” headed for Pacific Northwest

Puget Sound region could be blanketed under 18-24 inches (45 to 60 cm) of snow by the the middle of next week, says expert.

“You might stock up on food before noon on Friday. “I certainly am.”

6 Feb 2019 – “There is going to be a major snow event over much of the Pacific Northwest starting late Friday and continuing into the weekend,” warns Cliff Mass, a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.

Low pressure centered at the southwest corner of the state will pull cold air down from Canada while pushing moist air up into the atmosphere, creating what Mass calls a “perfect snowstorm situation.”

Once the storm begins, says Mass, snowfall will be “extraordinary”, with up to 8 inches over Puget Sound within 24 hours.

But that’s just a lead-up to the main event.

A second storm starting Monday could leave the Puget Sound region under an 18- to 24-inch blanket of snow, says Mass.  “Unbelievable.” A “snow apocalypse.”

ECMWF forecast

“What is forecast to occur late Friday and this weekend is absolutely classic,” says Mass. We’re looking at “one of the greatest snow events in decades.”

Authorities “need to get prepared for perhaps the snowiest period since the large snowfall of December 1996,””when Seattle received 21 inches,” says Mass. “And yes, you might stock up on food before noon on Friday. I certainly am.”

How confident is Mass in the forecast?

When it comes to the second storm, says Mass “roughly 2/3rds of the forecasts are going for a large event …ending up with around twenty inches by the the middle of next week.”  (The reddish colors on the above image indicate around a foot [30 cm] of snow.)

Mass ends on an ever so slightly upbeat note, admitting that “there is a lot of uncertainty for the second event.”

See Cliff’s entire post on his “Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog.”

Thanks to Joe Herr for this link

Mass has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed scientific venues, and served on the board of over a dozen regional and national meteorological committees, conferences, and scientific journals

He is also a strong believer in human-caused global warming and “has been critical of the Paris Climate accord for not going far enough.”




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  1. “He (Cliff Mass) is also a strong believer in human-caused global warming and “has been critical of the Paris Climate accord for not going far enough.”

    And then Mr. Nut-Job forecasts a massive “SNOW” (Which is also accompanied with ICE) Storm to strike
    the Pacific Northwest not seen in decades ???

    You can’t just make this stuff up ?

    So, as previously mentioned here many times…


    And people like this are/is instructing/teaching our young Men and Women and so we wonder why America’s youth know of no common-sense ?


  2. -10F is just another way of saying how warm it is. And -10F is warmer than -15F, so get with the program.

  3. Right now the current forecast in northern Nevada shows snow for 8 straight days starting Saturday. Looks like we will have record snowfall in the Sierras. Or close to it!

  4. Sub Arctic temps in the Midwest, then snow in LA (Redlands), now blizzards in Seattle that would rival anything I’ve seen in my home town of Buffalo. Times they are a changing.

  5. friend in puget sound was complaining that he wasnt getting skiiing snows a while back
    looks like he might get it this yr

  6. No. Global warming IS NOT all man made. The ice age ended long before our industrial revolution. AND there were other ice ages before the last one with warm periods in between.

    However, I do not discount that us humans could have quickened up the global warming process. This could also mean the next ice age might come sooner.

  7. Leave work early.
    Or stay at work extra late.
    Whatever you do, don’t get on the roads during rush hour.
    You won’t be going anywhere.
    Most of the problems caused by these types of events are self induced.

  8. As of this moment, snow and hail are falling in Texas. Snow in Austin TX, and hail in and around San Antonio.

  9. “GLOBAL WARMING CREATES GLOBAL COOLING ” the theory behind this ridiculous statement is that a warmer climate will raise more water into the air and therefore there will be more precipitation.
    But that would be a warm rain would it not .?
    How they have levered massive snow fall along with arctic temperatures throughout the whole of the upper part of the Northern Hemisphere into this theory is beyond common sense .
    When “Global Warming” was first touted there was predicted with absolute certainty a number of states of the earths climate that would occur including no more snow for Great Britain , more hurricanes , hotter summers for mid lattitudes , a drastic warming of the Arctic and Antarctic , both of which are still well below freezing for the vast majority of the year ,rising sea levels and accelerating (not happening still about 1.5 to 2 mm per year (Normal) , milder winters , HA! , all glaciers retreating (some are , most ain’t and many many are accelerating , and on and on I can go but won’t.

  10. Snow apocalypse has hit southern Oregon – looks like the Idaho mountains

    “Your children will not know snow” they said lol rofl

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