Snow blankets Athens suburbs

Temperatures plunged in Greece early Tuesday (Feb 28) as heavy snows swept across the country, even blanketing Athens suburbs.

In the capital’s northern suburbs, temperatures stood at zero celsius, while in the north of Greece temperatures were expected to fall below minus seven degrees.

Several people trapped in their cars by the snow were dug out by rescue teams near the central Greek town of Karpenissi.

The cold is expected to last for several days.

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4 thoughts on “Snow blankets Athens suburbs”

  1. thank god. winter is coming to south Philly as well. winter 2011-12—mild with a twist— spring 2012 will be cold and stormy in the eastern
    USA—thank god

  2. a sudden cold spell sweeps across the country.
    oh? really hardly sudden when so many other areas have had snow+ snow for closer to 3 weeks now?
    slight change from “cold snap’..but not by much:-)

    piers told of this AND the usa storms

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