Snow Blankets Higher Peaks of Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado

10 Sep 19 – With more than a week of summer still left to go (Summer! Not autumn!), snow is blanketing some higher peaks of Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

This occurred mainly above 8,000-feet elevation.

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for this link

2 thoughts on “Snow Blankets Higher Peaks of Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado”

  1. Hey Robert-all my fruit trees this year are 3 weeks plus dayo late on ripening in Santa Cruz ,Ca. on the coast.This will be my 41st year of measuring rainfall same location.When I started average was 28″ now it’s 31″.I’m guessing all that extra water vapor (the real globaloney gas) from the oceans warming from all those volcanoes that get ignored on purpose-what was it -only about 3&1/2 million.What a pittance-can’t possibly cause any problems like a frigging ice age.And our sun can’t possibly influence the climate-what are we ? Delusional? Got both your books Robert-signed .Ive read them both at least 6 times now. Thanks for keeping up the battle against the propaganda.

  2. well if we are right the late snows and non melteds provides a cooler base for the dumps this coming yr to build up on, and then be thick enough to not melt next summer(assuming you get a summer proper)
    could get interesting from now on
    will be amusing watching the warmtards trying to spin that!

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