Snow blankets parts of Saudi Arabia

Temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celsius in some areas.
10 June 2020 – Parts of Saudi Arabia were blanketed by snow on Friday, especially in the northwestern regions such as the Dahr Mountains.

Videos of the snowfall went viral on social media.

Saudi Arabia’s meteorology office urged residents to keep warm

This is not Switzerland, this is Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

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11 thoughts on “Snow blankets parts of Saudi Arabia”

  1. – “Saudi Arabia’s meteorology office urged residents to keep warm”
    Can you find something more silly? 🙂
    Do not enter such platitudes, please, produced by idiots evidently. Spare our time. 🙂

  2. Remembering a scene from the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” wherein Lawrence and friends were in a cave, half frozen by the wintry weather.

  3. Praise Trump. He has brought clean white snow to the land of Arabia.
    He does great things for us to see. This is to assure his people he was right in striking down the Iranian.
    Trump is great, he loves His people and will destroy the ones who don’t follow him.

    • I wish Trump was Australia’s prime minister. He would not capitulate like Morrison to the climate swindlers. It would also cramp his global bullying.

  4. Temperature contrasts in Yakutia (RU) – Meteonovosti

    This year, weather conditions in Yakutia are very unusual. Here, as always, it is frosty. And frosts, especially at the famous poles of the cold, Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk, are serious. January 13, the minimum air temperature in Verkhoyansk is -52.7°C, in Oimyakon -49.2°C. In general, frosts of about -45°C are a common thing in the east and northeast of Yakutia. The average daily temperature here is close to the climatic norm. But, it should be noted that this is the lowest air temperature in Russia.

    But the abnormally high temperature is now here in Yakutia, but not in the northeast, but in the southern and southwestern regions. The air here is cold day and night, the frosts are noticeable, -10 ..- 15°C, at night it freezes to -20°C. But on average it turns out that the air temperature on January 13 exceeded the usual values ​​by 20 degrees! In Yarolin, the temperature anomaly was 23.2 degrees. In the afternoon, thermometers showed -14.°C, in the evening the temperature dropped to -31.1°C. Currently, frosts have returned to the southern and southwestern regions of Yakutia. Here at night -35 ..- 40°C,
    during the day -30 ..- 35°C.

  5. “10 June 2020 – Parts of Saudi Arabia were blanketed by snow on Friday,” ????

    I know being in Australia I’m ahead in time but wow ?

  6. We went to Cairo in January 2004 and I never even contemplated wearing jeans as it was ~25°C and Cairo is further north than Tabuk.

    It was freezing in Malaga on that same trip but even at 34°N there was no visible snow on the mountains around the city.

    I guess climate change is real after all ? 15 +years, 2004 – 2020, is supposedly the minimum time frame to determine things climate but the problem here seems to be negative warming.

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