Snow chaos – Record snowfall and heavy rain cause mayhem in Austria and northern Italy

Umhausen saw 80cm (31.5 inches) of snowfall in just one night, almost doubling the previous 24-hour record of 45cm from 2013.

Meanwhile, 90cm (35½ inches) of snow fell in Brenner.

The heavy snowfall caused power black-outs, major traffic jams, and forced closure of schools. The highest avalanche warning was triggered.

Meanwhile, Venice suffered heavy rainfall, with emergency services being called more than 400 times. There is a high risk of mudslide.

Citizens were evacuated in Modena, as river levels climbed by 2,5 metres (more than 8 feet) within 24 hours.

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6 thoughts on “Snow chaos – Record snowfall and heavy rain cause mayhem in Austria and northern Italy”

  1. This is horrendous. Our family lived in southern Italy for five years and one time there was about a half-inch of snow and it was a big thing with kids being let out of school and maybe make a snowball. This proves the validity of the ‘prepper’ mindset no matter where you live. Severe weather incidents are getting worse, and worse, and worse.

  2. I always check the roofs, road side guard rails, bushes, weeds covered in snow, and trees to see the real amount of snowfall.

    That roof looks like it is filled with snow that is under one 30.48 cm.

    How did this homeowner shovel all that snow eight feet of snow off that roof so uniformly on every surface with eight feet of snow on it?

    Check the almost flat entry shed roof and the dormers. ONE FOOT max.

    I guess they measured the height of the plowed snow piled up in the foreground to hid the house perspective. Look at the trees in the background. How did EIGHT feet of snow fall on the trees and the trees don’t have any broken branches?

    I can’t see any rainfall chaos on the house or trees stated in the title. Where are the icicles hanging from the roof edges and rain gutters?

    AGW is a mental disease pandemic spread by deep snow fears. I lived through “The Great Blizzard of 1978” in the Midwest. My only friend and helper was a 7 HP garden tractor with a plow. Drifts at my house were 10 feet high. Nobody helped me or gave me a government grand to buy a snowblower.
    It’s been all weather downhill from 1978.


  3. Okay, you already got this story yesterday. Pictures from those on the ground seem to indicate they got an entire WINTER’S WORTH of snow from one storm? Somewhere in central Europe. That’s why they have glaciers I guess. In that area, it would not need to snow the rest of the winter. I’m guessing it’s Switzerland or nearby, as you say. Maybe around the Matterhorn, not sure their location exactly. Roofs could collapse from 1 storm!

  4. I can tell you in at least one location, this was like an entire winter’s worrh of snow. No more needed. Better hope not too much more of that happens. It will already keep the glaciers for tge next year, as that was at the lower altitudes, more up high. Resorts closed due to too much snow and avalanche danger.

  5. Okay, the very heavy snow was actually likely near San Moritz, on the Italian side of the border. They are on tour so I never know exactly. As best I can tell likely, like you said. It was accurate in that it’s near the Swiss, Switzerland border.

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