Snow cooling in southern Siberia – Video

In the Krasnoyarsk Region, summer has been interrupted by a strong cold wave.

June 21 is snowing. Winter visited the Sayan pass on the border of Khakassia and Tuva.

In Novosibirsk, a strong cooling occurred last weekend. At night, the thermometer showed +5, and frosts were observed in some places.

Another video showing lots of snow here:

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link


4 thoughts on “Snow cooling in southern Siberia – Video”

  1. hmm might helpshut the warmies down raving up the extreme high temp stories?
    blocking high in place but they can ignore that for fearmongering of course;-)

  2. NE of Atlanta GA ~70 Mi/115 Km
    In May and June temps were about 7F below average.
    NOT that I am complaining……….
    In June we had only 1 day with 90F. Average for June is 91F, but mid 80’s suits me fine and my tomatoes are very happy.

  3. This is a great event. I would like to know how often this happens in Summer. We are talking about summer, not spring or fall. It’s an anomaly.

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