Snow-covered beaches of Barcelona

10 Feb 2018 – Snowfall on a good part of Spain. Thirteen regions were on alert yesterday. Barcelona activated its emergency plan.

Barcelona, located on the Mediterranean Sea, is not equipped for snowfall.

According to Wikipedia, the city boasts a humid subtropical climate bordering a maritime Mediterranean climate, with mild, humid winters and warm to hot summers.

A temperature of -21 degrees was recorded in the city of Girona between Barcelona and the French border.

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3 thoughts on “Snow-covered beaches of Barcelona”

  1. Robert, Europe’s ice age refuge area’s will get snow during an ice age during the cold months of the year. There will be no subtropical zones in europe or north america except in heated greenhouses or may be in southern Florida and points south.
    Those green houses will be located in the old subtropical zones and the green houses will likely be guarded. Humanity will find that there is another meaning to the term,” Climate Change”.

  2. There is now little astronomical doubt that global cooling is coming due to the cyclic solar minimum in progress that may continue for decades. SUVs and Coal Power Plants. The current redistribution of wealth disguised as fighting Climate Change must be abandoned and replaced with research into copping with the inevitable solar cycles.

  3. We will adapt to whatever happens. I’m currently building a Trombe Wall across the front of my dining-room. (For those who don’t know) Trombe walls are basically a thick masonry wall with a sheet of glass covering the outside surface with an inch air-gap. It has to face the sunlight (N where I live). It works the same as a glasshouse except the thick wall warms up through the day and continues to circulate warmed air into the house via a series of “letter-box” slots at the top of the wall. It requires no power or maintenance and helps take the chill off the air in the house on sunny days.

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