Summertime Snow on Crystal Mountain

Summertime Snow on Crystal Mountain

24 June 2016 – Web cam at Crystal Mountain Ski Area shows snow this morning.

Crystal Mountain is located in Washington state about 75 miles southeast of Seattle.

Crystal Mtn Snow 24Jun2016

Thanks to Russ Davis for this info


2 thoughts on “Summertime Snow on Crystal Mountain”

  1. For those who think that this is nothing unusual, that is the point. There is no massive global warming, so winter-like conditions occur periodically as they always have.
    It is very hot in Yuma, AZ, right now and some idiots are trying to say this is a sign of global warming. I’ve been in and out of the Southwest Desert since the late 60’s. I’ve been living here since 1989. Trust me on this, as La Niña conditions set in, it gets hotter and drier here. Soon, the monsoon season will start here and it will be hotter than now, with humidity. Nothing new here.

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