Snow in Damascus, Syria

Video – Snow in Damascas – 18 Feb 2012


Thanks to Greg Mantle for this info

9 thoughts on “Snow in Damascus, Syria”

    • It’s not “junk science.” Just remember, preparing you for the cold will help keep you from being a victim of cold while preparing you for warm will prepare you to BE a victim of the cold. It’s a political agenda, not “junk science.”

      • This event that is becoming more common in this part of the world,makes Florida,California,Texas and Mexico look not so warm during the next ice age!

  1. Every year Damascus has a big blizzard, last winter the snow depth varied from 10 cm in the center of the city to 50 cm in the sided areas.

    Till now the big blizzard doesn’t come.

    • I must say.Ive never been there, but you have a” very pretty terrain”in the snow,and look have “good landscapers and roadbuilders.”I like the tree lined roads in this video!

    • no.. in damscus evry year it snows more than that… 15 years before..the snow was covering the whole city for days or weeks…this is not new for damascus

      • Huh..I did not think that part of the world that far south,gets that much snow every winter,however your elevation above sea level must be higher than ours! We are at 1,112 feet above sea level.

  2. Maybe it is because of the 10 degrees of move that the earth did last year !
    the whole glob is facing lots of changes in tempratures!!

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