Snow depth reach 21 feet (6 meters) in eastern Turkey

Snow paralyzes life in many provinces across Turkey.

Snow depth reached 6 meters in eastern Turkish city of Bitlis, where it has been snowing non-stop for a week.

According to Turkish meteorological authorities snow drifts reached 640 cm (21 ft) across the Bitlis, where daily life has almost stopped.

Meanwhile, hundreds of village’s roads are totally closed due to excessive snowfall, “which put many people in hard condition.”

The snow paralyzed life in many provinces across Turkey and led to the closure of many schools and roads last week.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

7 thoughts on “Snow depth reach 21 feet (6 meters) in eastern Turkey”

  1. This is how ice ages begin ! Remember when 9 stories of snow fell per day during the entry of the last ice age ?

  2. Somehow I think this whole sequence of comments make no worthwhile comment at all. The story is about snow conditions in Turkey and all you can talk about is about something someone said about the last ice age? How juvenile.

  3. if snow buries your house 5 meters deep (so you are in a subway station now) but you still have electricity and internet then it is ok to heat and cook by electric stove. You just have to carefully dig an exit and call/message out to rescue team. Is that the case? Anyway it is much slower than flood…not even electricity can sustain with flood…just run with boats and swim and pray…

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