Snow depth still increasing in Siberia

Instead of melting, the snow is thickening.

The height of the snow cover north of the 60th parallel is on average 50-70 cm (20 to 34 inches) and even higher in some places such as Yenisei, where it is above 80 cm (32 inches).

And a new cyclone bringing snow and blizzards in the next 24 hours is moving from Yamal to Taymyr.

Winds up to 54-72Km/h in most of Eastern Siberia, in some places up to 86Km/h.

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7 thoughts on “Snow depth still increasing in Siberia”

  1. It seems that seasons are not fixed as I was told. Temperature is a combination of wind and sunshine as far as I know. When the wind is now turning eastwards, blowing from Siberia to overhere in west-EU, while there is more sunshine due to spring, it wll be colder than usual.

    • Agreed.

      Where I live we have had hot, dry weather from January to March – we usually have hot, wet weather.

      Late March the remnants of a cyclone arrived and we got the sort of downpours normal for January/February.

      Just before this thing arrived on March 28 we had minimum temperatures in excess of 25°C.

      Seven days later after the thing had passed on we had minimum temperatures of 15°C.

      Seems it took a cyclone to blow summer away this year and the “wet” was delayed by 3 months.

  2. Don’t forget during the last magnetic reversal, we had 9 stories of snow per day in that same area, burying the wholly mammoths to extinction!

  3. As a regular reader at this site I often wish that people posting comments about their weather would state where they live for the sake of clarity. Perhaps there is a way to find out somehow but not anyway I know. Not criticizing just wishing to understand more. Of course you know what part of the world you live in but how can anyone else unless you tell us. Thanks for all your consideration,,,,love this site and love all the comments.

    • 🙂 oops yes we do forget sometimes
      some of the regular readers would be aware, others not so.
      Rosco is in Qld Aus i gather
      i hail from down sth in Vic.
      so between us we cover a goodly chunk of distance in the nation;-)
      down here its still dry and cooling down slowly for autumn
      trees leaves arent even colouring up much just dry n dropping.
      promised rains for the last few weeks keep going around us;-(
      and the upcoming winter /spring is likely to be very low rainfalls;-( for my little spot.

  4. hmm so this would mean all the fear n hype over siberias methane pits escaping is about done n dusted for a while at least?
    the not insignificant fact that plant material under the tundra had to have grown when it was clear of ice/snow previously ..
    seems to escape them,
    more than the gas does;-)

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