Snow drifts high enough to bury houses

Blizzard reports from Manitoba and Nunavut – Third longest blizzard EVER in Churchill.


Friday 10 March 2017 – Information from Environment Canada.

Dangerous blizzard conditions with severe winds and extreme snowfall accumulations. Conditions have finally begun to improve in Churchill, where the strongest wind gust reported was 104 km/h (64.6 mph).

Third longest blizzard ever in Churchill

This was the third longest blizzard ever in Churchill, lasting 58 hours with 31 hours of 0 m visibilities. It began Tuesday morning and lasted until Thursday night.

The longest blizzard in Churchill was in 1971 lasting 60 hours and the second longest blizzard was in 1989 lasting 60 hours.

Churchill received 36 cm (14.2″) of snow with this system. However, the strong winds made snow accumulations hard to measure.

Records in Churchill go back to 1953.


Dangerous blizzard conditions with severe winds, extreme snowfall accumulations and bitterly cold temperatures. Conditions have finally begun to improve in the region.

The strongest wind gusts reported were (km/h):

Coral Harbour 119 (73.9 mph)
Arviat 98 (60.9 mph)
Rankin Inlet 91 (56.5 mph)
Chesterfield Inlet 89 (55.3 mph)
Baker Lake 80 (49.7 mph)
Naujaat 76 (47.2 mph)

The blizzard durations were (hours):

Arviat 64
Coral Harbour 51
Rankin Inlet 45
Naujaat 44
Baker Lake 27

Snow drifts high enough to bury houses

Total snowfall accumulations are extremely difficult to measure due to the strong wind occurring simultaneously. The only report of total snowfall amount was from Arviat of 80 cm (31.5″). However, reports of snow drifts high enough to bury houses and fully cover doors were reported in Rankin Inlet and Coral Harbour as well.

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  1. It si NOT Politically Correct to report on the worsening weather, but some of the smaller agencies still do:

    Churchill official says town looks like the moon after days-long blizzard
    …Deputy mayor Charles Hutchins says there were nine-metre drifts in some streets….Hutchins says it’s the worst combination of snow and wind he’s seen in his 50 years in Churchill…

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