Snow earthquake in Chile

No electricity for 30 hours – Reader from Chile describes the blizzard


hello! im from Chile..

in my home, near the mountains the snow still for the 2nd day after the blizzard..

the blizzard comes with heavy wind around 3 am of the friday 14, and near my home fall around 5 cms, but in other places like the Universidad Catolica Soccer Stadium falls like 30cms (12 inches).

and after that, all my neighbors and I, dont have electricity for 30 hours.

since the great quake of 2010 i dont have power shutdown for that longer… it was a snow earthquake.

and our president dosent show yet! its totally hidden.

FACT: our people and our country are not prepared for and little ice age.

ah.. last thing.. the blizzard was not only in Santiago… it was in all the south too..

best regards.
Ivan Akai

3 thoughts on “Snow earthquake in Chile”

  1. powerouts are a pain, sometimes literally
    in extreme cold like that theyre so much worse;-(
    guess they’ll find the dead oldies in a few days

  2. Hopefully there are no premature deaths from this tragic event.
    My prayers go out to all those suffering this in Chile.

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