Snow up to the eaves at Lake Tahoe – See photos

“We’ve had so much snow to the point where it’s getting hard to measure.” So said Scott McGuire, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Reno.

As of February 21  the snow pack in the Lake Tahoe Basin was 219 percent of normal, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service of California.

Snow pack in the Truckee River Basin was 212 percent of normal, while snow pack in the Walker River Basin, including Mammoth Ski Resort, was 224 percent of average.

See photos:

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3 thoughts on “Snow up to the eaves at Lake Tahoe – See photos”

  1. While there might be significantly more snow this year, the thing is, it hasn’t been that many years since California has had really impressive snow, and I don’t even have that good a memory!

    What about the thousand year drought?

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