Snow expected in Alaska this week

Jun 12 2019 – Snow accumulations of 2 to 4 inches expected at elevations around 2000 feet… up to 8 inches above 2000 feet.

People planning activities in the Eastern Brooks Range or traveling the Dalton Highway should prepare for accumulating snow.

Northeastern Brooks Range- Including Anaktuvuk Pass, Atigun Pass, Galbraith Lake, Sagwon, and Franklin Bluffs

Snow will affect higher elevations of the Dalton Highway near Attigun Pass and points east. Precipitation will be mostly rain below 2000 feet. Up to one inch of rain could fall over lower elevations of the Brooks range through Friday morning.

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link

“Not sure how unusual this is,” says Kenneth.

5 thoughts on “Snow expected in Alaska this week”

  1. hmm so snow is around..whats that going to do for those screaming permafrost melting methane outgassing etc?
    they might have to STFU for a while?
    well rational people might- but then theyre NOT rational are they? ;-))) lol

  2. At first one would think this is an anomaly. The upper lattitudes of Alaska are not out of winter yet. The transition between seasons can be rapid or slow.
    Having resided there for 33 years, and traveling around most of the state, I can say this is not unusual. The mentioned area is nearly unhabited, no roads, very rugged, a few villages (very used to winter) but vast and spectacular scenery.
    Perhaps consulting a good map (actually this can be difficult so use Google Earth) and Wikipedia would aid in lessening the shock at such a revelation.
    Just about anywhere in Alaska can get snow just about any time of year. It is a very large place.

    • Steven can you tell me if this snow is the last of 2018/2019 winter or is the first snow of the winter to come? Thank you :-))

  3. Dinosaur fossils are found in Ak. The only thing that stays the same is everything changes.
    NASA came out this week saying SC 25 may be 40% weaker than SC 24. It’s on their news webpage.

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