Snow falling in a wide band from Texas to Massachusetts

“It is snowing in Brownsville, TX!” says reader Andy. “That is twice now so far this winter. Such a rare event happening twice is very extraordinary.”

“As of 3:45 local time, it was 26 degrees and snowing in Houston,” says reader Lee Holsen.

Winter weather across the South has shut down interstates in Louisiana, closed roads in Kentucky, and closed runways in Texas — including Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

Snow began falling early Tuesday morning in Louisiana, where highways were closed in and around Shreveport.

In Tennessee, forecasters called for up to 6 inches (15 cm) of snow in the central part of the state, including the Nashville area.


Ice coated roads and bridges in 36 of Mississippi’s 82 counties on Tuesday morning. Up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) of snow was expected in in Mississippi’s Delta region.

In Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey declared a state of emergency.


Forecasts are calling for 2 inches (5 cm) of snow (plus or minus) for Alabama, with temperatures falling into the teens.

Roads were white on the hills around the Alabama city of Haleyville on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, dangerous wind chills prompted school closures across Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri. In Wichita, Kansas, wind chill values were expected to drop as low as -13F (-25C).

3 thoughts on “Snow falling in a wide band from Texas to Massachusetts

  1. I would bet a lot of kids are enjoying the global warming days off, or maybe they don’t have the clothes to go out and play in it? The school system is still indoctrinating the children with AGW and stratospheric aerosol injections lies and that’s the same as lying and cooking the books on public info. Illegal . Just like them forcing crippling and mental failing vaccines no the kids. Illegal. NO laws saying you have to have your kids injected with???? To me it’s the same as murder. It’s like they hate themselves, so push death on everyone else too. Teachers, I got some in my family, know a few and all of them seem to be spoiled brats pushing false narratives. I don’t know any young ones, but it wasn’t too many years ago I went up against them for wanting to take my 7th grader out of the district for sex ed.-wasn’t permitted though and did not go and they made things as difficult as they could til my kid left that school and the same for AGW?? You know it, mental disorder I doubt, more like bought and paid for spoiled brats. Illegal. So I like it when the kids stay home from AGW class.

  2. “Such a rare event happening twice is very extraordinary.”

    Andy is correct but words like extraordinary will be used by Al Gore and friends to promote global ,warming theory as nothing extraordinary has ever happened in history (or will ever happen in the future) that is not related to AGW.

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