Snow for Yellowstone National Park tonight

Tonight and Saturday.


Scattered rain and snow.

Lat: 44.97722°N – Lon: 110.69528°W – Elev: 6127ft.

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this link

4 thoughts on “Snow for Yellowstone National Park tonight”

  1. Too soon to call it a trend, really, but here in Missouri it’s been both cooler and wetter than forecast for most of the last week.
    Yesterday was supposed to be 90 with heat index of 100, 30% chance of rain. They upped that to 60% and it rained cats and dogs, stayed 65 most of the day and never got over 70.
    Next week supposed to be high 80’s, which is pretty “normal”. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the temps.
    If the climate changes everywhere, the law of averages states that if it gets worse in some places, it will get better in others. I’m betting on Missouri to be one of the latter. “Normal” here is gosh-awful dreadful, so at the worst we are already acclimated.

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