Snow forces school closures in parts of UK – Video

8 Mar 2018 – The snow caused at least 130 emergency school closures in Bradford, with about 120 closed in Wales, 60 in Lancashire and dozens more from Liverpool to Calderdale and beyond.

Forecasters said up to 4 inches of snow would fall in parts of Britain after heavy snow brought rush-hour chaos to roads across northern Wales and England

Car crashes and other traffic problems were reported across Merseyside, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire on Thursday morning.

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In 2000 David Viner predicted that snowfall would be a thing of the past,” says Argiris. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”

6 thoughts on “Snow forces school closures in parts of UK – Video”

  1. Hi. I am getting concerned.
    Between the years 1990 to 2008 I cannot recall seeing any snow outside Scotland. I’m from London and the main weather we complain about is rain. Some summers the heatwaves have been as hot as +34. Most winters slight frost but nothing serious.
    This past St David’s day (March 1st) and the day after were very serious. No buses, no trains, no taxis. I had to walk home, 12 miles, and I lost count of the abandoned cars, lorries and vehicles I saw skidding and hitting curbs. The weather warnings on the BBC website must be taken seriously when they are red but people don’t listen. The M80 north of Glasgow was completely blocked!
    Now the farmers could not do their usual work. So what did they do? They used their tractors, which have good tread on their big back wheels, to transport elderly patients to A&E, as emergency services overwhelmed. But that’s the big thing. Most people take a day off in the snow. Hospital workers cannot in the NHS cannot.
    This was definatly the worst winter weather I have seen. And in March n all! And all that panic buying in the shops. Crazy!
    I will stock up on double my usual purchases of whisky for next year LOL.

  2. ‘Snow will be a thing of the past’ is a nonsense. At the beginning of March children in normally mild Ireland were able to build igloos in their own gardens. At the very least, the next few winters will be interesting!

  3. WOW! I guess it will take a WHOLE GENERATION of kids to FORGET this EVENT and what snow really looks like! lol Thanks Al Gore!

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