Snow forecast for Texas Panhandle

One to four inches of snow for many Texas cities, including Amarillo, Dalhart, Boise City, Guymon, Stratford, Beaver, Perryton, Hereford, Pampa and Borger.

The last time in snowed in October in Amarillo was on October 27, 2011.

The National Weather Service said it is expected it will rain early Sunday morning in Amarillo that will transition to snow around sunrise.

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12 thoughts on “Snow forecast for Texas Panhandle”

    • in case people dont get its a dig…and i do hope it is;-)
      add a /s so people dont get worried you believe that;-)

    • You are so correct.

      People need to know that the WARMER the Earth gets, the more SNOW we will get.

      Now pay your carbon tax, peasant.

  1. Used to be a nice feller on here that from that part of the country. Was always commenting on how its just not as frosty there as it used to be.
    Wonder if he’s still here?
    Name of Steve I think.

  2. Hurricane Michael played an important roll in entirely changeing the pattern from a Sumner one to a fall/ winter one i wonder if the ice age cycle had some exstream hurricanes with the likely big crashes that ice age patterns bring which would prove futher that cooling storms tend to be more extream and not warming times like many would like everyone to beleave.

  3. There’s an old joke about the Texas Panhandle: All there is between the Panhandle and the North Pole is a barbed wire fence, and occasionally somebody forgets and leaves the gap down, (ie leaves the entrance open).

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