Snow forecast for mountains around Aspen

14 Sep 11 – The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for the central and southwest mountains of Colorado, including the Elk Mountains surrounding Aspen.

Snow levels could drop as low as 9,000 feet, the weather service said. By Thursday morning, 2 to 6 inches of snow are possible above 10,000 feet.

“Places such as Vail and Independence passes, Monarch Pass and Red Mountain Pass will experience some snow and slush accumulation, creating hazardous, early season winter-driving conditions,” the weather service said.

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4 thoughts on “Snow forecast for mountains around Aspen”

  1. It is snowing on Mt Rainier Tonight.

    Temperatures today in Vancouver, Washington

    are (9) degrees below average.

    The Ice Age has already begun.

  2. Clearly 9F – 9C below average would be a disaster the world couldn’t ignore.

    America still uses degrees F – strange considering they fought a war against the British who now use degrees C which was always used by the French – climate science promotes strange bedfellows ?

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