Snow hell coming to UK

“The entire country is on alert for crippling blizzards,” warns The Express.

The Met Office issued fresh warnings this morning of an “increased risk of disruption from snow” across London and the South of England on this evening as well as severe weather warnings for wind, ice and snow for huge parts of the rest of the UK.

Up to eight inches of snow is forecast in parts of the north while up to two inches could fall anywhere across the country.

The Express goes on to warn that temperatures will tumble tonight, bringing the worst nationwide freeze in six years, and that the entire country to be trapped in -10C freeze for a week.

I’m not sure how two inches of snow will “grind transport systems to a standstill and knock out power supplies,” but there you have it.

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  1. There’s blizzards from Scotland to Kent !!
    This weather is not heaven-sent!
    Not a damn weather warning !

  2. The Waily Excess….

    There was some transient slush, and that was it.

    Keep well away from that toxic, fascist rag. It’s a fake news online looney bin.

  3. Daily Express always has crazy headlines.

    More like a dusting of snow, some wind, and some local cold spots.

    As for transport chaos, striking workers do that much better than the weather

  4. In the UK 2″ of snow will grind the transport systems to a halt.
    The reason , the standard of driving in the UK on snow is poor to dangerous.
    There is snow moving south through England at the moment. It snowed here in Newcastle about 2 hours ago, leaving about 1″ of snow – expect chaos.
    It will be snowing during rush hour for a large part of the midlands/south, where it will be gridlock.
    I dread to think what would happen if we got some real winter weather?

  5. Nathan Rao from the Express is known for dramatizing wintry events and his crying wolf every year about a snow apocalypse, actually does a disservice to those who sincerely question the global warming scam. One could almost think he is employed as a tar baby, to tar the whole large body of people who question AGW. And how to take 2 inches of snow causing a national emergency serious?

  6. I’m not sure how two inches of snow will “grind transport systems to a standstill and knock out power supplies,” but there you have it.

    It only takes a thin layer of ice on the roads and nothing can travel on that road. At the predicted minus 10*C the grit and salt is no longer effective. Power lines coming down is likely because the metal of the cable becomes brittle at such a cold temperature. The cables snap. Especially if there is strong winds in addition to the frost. Air traffic will certainly grind to a halt.

    • I’ve always felt that ice storms are much worse than snow…. and often occur in places where it’s not as cold (although I don’t know if there is a scientific basis for it). In the US more ice storms in the South than in the North.

      Or my personal “worst case” scenario for winter… ice on the bottom with a layer of fluffy snow on top. More slippery than either ice alone or snow and worse you can’t tell where the ice is (often patchy in those situations). Or black ice (thin layer of ice you can’t tell is on the road)… a friend of mine had a terrible car crash years ago and lost an eye when he hit black ice going over a bridge. The stuff has terrified me ever since.

      The biggest reason for power outages in or after an ice storm that I’m aware of is the fact that the ice weights down the branches on trees and the trees fall, hitting the power lines.

  7. At the moment this is minor. A Scandinavian High will become dominant over the Baltic and German Bight. As from Tuesday the UK easterly flow of very cold sub-zero weather starts with 0C mid-day temperatures and -10 6am temperatures. This is forecast for at least 7 days until the end of the forecast period on 23 Jan.
    Lake effect snow is possible for UK East facing coasts and Kent with easterly gales in the Channel for the same period. Major Freeze for Europe to continue from the Alpine regions to the mid Baltic Sea, very low -10 to -30 temperatures by night and day
    The low pressure system over the UK which gave the shallow snow falls overnight will transition south east to the heel of Italy and become stationary for much of the forecast period, this generate significant rain and snow over spine of Italy and over the Balkans from the still fairly warm Ionian Sea. The low will dissipate in situ towards the end of the forecast period.

  8. Typical Express exaggeration. The only thing that brought the City of London to a halt was a black cab demonstration. In London and SE the snow was big wet flakes. Not settled in London. Too wet to blocks the roads. Would have been different had it come overnight perhaps. Very icy where the slush has frozen but no disruption. Aslef train strike causing disruption today not the weather.

  9. The Daily Express loves to dream up apocalyptic headlines which appeal to its not too discerning readership.

    In reality we will have some snow showers for two days plus some coastal gales. Not unusual for January. By Sunday temperatures will be be up to +10C. The Express makes it seem like we are in for a re-run of January, 1963.

  10. When you’re typically only familiar with rain, drizzle and fog, throwing some snow into the mix might really confuse our UK counterparts.

  11. The British are the least of all nations prepared for snow.
    Our equipment is pathetic, as is our political “leadership” these fools couldn’t lead us over a cliff.
    They are all AGW nutters, none of them has taken any time to look at sites like this.
    “Survival of the fittest” as proposed by Darwin is nothing to do with how fit you are but how many of your offspring survive.
    Unfortunately very few British peoples offspring will survive to adulthood.

  12. UK will finish their ‘Brexit’ and get out of the EU. Guaranteed. Why? Food security; every bad winter just reinforces the notion they need to be in charge of their own planning & policies.

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