Snow, ice, and minus 11 degrees in California

Meanwhile power-hungry bureaucrats are flying into Paris today for their ‘climate-change’ summit.
Oh, they’ll try to persuade us that it’s all about ‘global warming,’ but it’s really about stealing our money and world dominance.

The thermometer plummeted to -11F (-23.9C) on Friday night/Saturday morning at the Bogard Rest Area in the Lassen National Forest east of Redding and north of Susanville.

A few other mountain areas posted below-zero temperatures overnight.

The Sierra has been hit by a series of winter storms, with some places receiving more than 20 inches (50 cm) of snow. Another storm could move in by Thursday, the National Weather Service warns.

A freeze warning was in place in the Sacramento Valley for Sunday. Officials warned residents to protect outdoor plants and pipes.

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  1. Date: Nov 29, 2015. with video.
    Snowstorm battered various parts of northeast China’s Liaoning Province Sunday, disrupting traffic.
    The snow hit various cities — Shenyang, Fuxin, Chaoyang, Yingkou, Benxi and Dandong in the early hours of Sunday and it grew heavier at around 03:00.
    Liaoning Meteorological Disasters Warning Center issued yellow alerts, the second severe one in China’s four-tier color coded weather disaster warning system, for both heavy snow and slippery roads in the morning.
    Many expressways in the province including Beijing-Harbin, Shenyang-Jilin and Hegang-Dalian expressways have been closed due to heavy snow, according to the Liaoning Department of Transportation.
    Local traffic authorities have dispatched snow plows to clean the roads.
    The snow is expected to last till Sunday night.

  2. I have traveled by that rest area 4 times this year…but never when that cold. The coldest it ever was when I was in that area was 29 F.

    • I remember a 19 F day in winter about 1962 near Chico on the valley floor, so it would have been much colder up slope and more north near Lassen. 30 F lower? I doubt it… but likely in single digits F.

    • We are still in ab technical drought, but nothing unusual.

      The Palmer Drought Index adjusts the rainfall using the cooked temperatures…

      This drought is less than the one in the 1970s cold period.

      We have drought when it is cold…

      • Much the same in South Africa, where 5 provinces were declared drought disaster areas. I remember many years when the rainy season only started in January, and maize planted then yielded normal crops for the season. The media and politicians have short memories. The Orange river floods in approx. 10 year intervals, the previous in 2006/2007. Expect a wet season next year.

    • Local weather is not indicative of World Weather except that it shifts localities and is cyclical. This is not the first drought California has endure – nor will it be the last. You seem to lack a general scientific knowledge of the subject as in trying to use icebergs as an excuse for anomalies. That is why I wonder if you are serious or not.

      • Or well! I have had several agwers actually slide that iceberg BS. on me as an excuse for cooler weather further south. So once in a while I just gotta have some fun with it. Main reason I stay on this site is for news & info and you don’t have to read 3 or 400 comments by trolls arguing about icebergs. I first heard Robert on the radio in the late 90’s , I didn’t doubt a word he said back then an I don’t now. I didn’t go to college but I grew up on a farm, took 9 years gardening in 4H, 4 years AG & greenhouse in high school, so I knew in the mid 70s that co2 was plant food, one main reason I never bought in to agw sham in the 80s & 90s.

  3. No cold spell, solar minimum, or full blown ice age could counter balance the effects of man made warming so relax,its all hype or its just an anomaly or caused by ice bergs breaking loose from melting north pole and locally cooling the blob. Hurry up and tell the farmers.

  4. Lassen Park is about 150 miles South of me. In my sheltered area It has been between -3* to -6* F. for the last for days. In some locations reports of -14* have occurred. The Southern Cascades received a foot or more of snow with the storm that passed thru on Nov. 24th. My area received about 5 inches with several inches still on the ground.
    Mt Shasta looks Real Beautiful with all that new snow! By the way the north slope pretty much stayed white ALL year Long!

  5. There is a freeze warning even in San Jose ( Silicon Valley).

    When cold air from Canada makes it over the Sierra Nevada it can get quite cold. Lassen is “up slope” from where I grew up.
    Minus anything F is unusual; but the further along the vector to Canada, the lower the temps that are normal.

    “Blame Canada!” (qoute from a comedy…)

    • As a Canadian I blame all of the hot air coming out of Washington (OK, Ottawa too! 😉 Actually, when that jet stream dips it hits us first, so you’r not suffering alone, neighbor!

  6. It has been cold throughout the state of California. In fact, Santa Rosa area (North of San Francisco) had a low of 27F on Saturday which was also the low in my Nevada house in southern Nevada. (80+ miles to Las Vegas). By Monday the temps should rise a bit in the Santa Rosa area, but the Nevada home will get colder down to 24F. So, where is all that warming they keep promising?

    Meanwhile, California passed the electric bill (SB350) and the electric rates have already started to climb. For those that don’t know, the state has plans to have 50% of all electricity produced by “Renewables”. (Solar, Wind, and other) My prediction is that the rates will almost double in less than 10 years, but we shall see. The rates have increased in the past year by almost 12%, so it won’t take long before most will not be able to afford electricity. Hmmm! Maybe it is time to buy that portable gas generator after all.

  7. 10 day forecast for Paris is for highs in the 50s, lows in the 30s and 40s. Whole lotta global warming goin’ on over there for the International Global Warming Conference.

    NOAA says the current global average temp is 60.4 degrees (F) up approximately 1 degree from 1900 and it’s projected to warm at an average rate of 1/100th degree per year, so that gets it up to a blistering 61.4 degrees circa 2115.

  8. I live on mid vancouver island. (Southwestern bc canada) and although this year was predicted to be unusually warm due to the El Nino event in Pacific, so far this fall has been unusually cool. Daytime highs right now are barely breaking freezing. And last week we has some morning lows in the -10/-12 range (celcius). Hope rest of winter remains the same. Although it has been quite dry so far. Very cool compared to average. Hope to get lots of snow especially on our ski hills this year. As the last time we had a monster El Nino we has 30+ feet of snow base on our local mountain here. (Mt washington).
    Keep up the good work Robert. I follow this site daily and iv been doing good with getting friends and family on the right side of this howl global warming bullshit. Many people I know now follow ur site as well.

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