Snow in Damascus

28 Mar 2016 – Image taken in heights of Damascus area (Zabadani) 1150 meters

Snow in Damascus - 28 Mar 2016

See image of coastal area of the highlands (Cadmus) 1,100 meters.

Thanks to Enal Hasan for these photos and this link

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  1. Heavy snowfall in Armenia, March 29, 2016:
    In Jermuk a snow cover height of 47 cm was recorded, Sevan 16 cm, Tashir and Gyumri 13 cm, Hrazdan and Aparam 15 cm , Fantan 10 cm and Arktik 9 cm.
    60 tot 90 % of the monthly norm of snow precipitation was registered during this night in Bagratashan, Tashir, Aparan, Fantan, Kapan and Goris.

  2. Storm dumping several inches of snow on East Idaho, multiple wrecks reported and school buses unable to pick up some students . Mar 28, 2016.
    The big snowstorm began dumping flakes on the Pocatello area Tuesday morning and it didn’t take long for the wrecks to begin.
    So much snow is falling that Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25 reports it will not be able to pick up some students for school Tuesday morning.
    District 25 stated in a press release: “School buses are unable to pick up students in the Granite and Summit areas because of heavy snowfall, which occurred after buses had begun their routes. Also because of the snowfall many secondary bus routes are running considerably late.”
    As of 9 a.m. Tuesday Pocatello had already seen several snowstorm-related crashes, prompting press releases from both the fire and police departments.

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