Snow in Lapland

Video – Rare June snow covered summer lawns and flower beds.

9 June 2016 – The Finnish Meteorological Institute official findings snowfall at Inari Saariselkä the amount of snow was 8 centimeters and at Rovaniemi airport five centimeters, says YLE meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

Finnish Transport Agency weather cameras show a white mask of June snow in Kolari Ylläs and Utsjoki Petsikossa.

According to this report, white June landscapes are “rare.”

See video:

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7 thoughts on “Snow in Lapland”

  1. I lived in Rovaniemi for several months in 1973. It’s difficult to imagine snow on the ground at Midsummer.

  2. How about sending some of that snow this way? Where is the ice age when you need it?

    Today’s high will be 93 (34C), and the lowest it got over night was 71 (23C). Currently 84% humidity with little to no wind. And no relief in sight for at least 5 days. In fact, it’s supposed to get hotter.

    Come on, La Nina!

  3. well father xmas can get a head start on xmas this year 😉
    bet quite a few hikers and campers are feeling pretty cold and peeved,
    there went their summer holiday!

  4. Newest AGWER saying, it always gets cold after it’s been hot. So it’s still our fault and an ice age would be caused by agw. Morons- they must take us as all being in the us. education system .

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