Snow in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming

Winter – as in WINTER! – Weather Advisory for some areas … in August.


“An unusually cold late August storm for parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

The National Weather Service says as much as 4-8 inches could fall above 9,000 feet in the mountains.

A winter weather advisory has been issued above 6000 feet for the Little Belt Mountains and the Northern Rocky Mountain Front.

See the blue dots? That’s SNOW.;-110.9;4&l=snow&t=20180828/04&w=strong

Photo of this morning’s snow in Jackson Hole:

Summer Snow Falling In Montana, Idaho And Wyoming

Thanks to Reziac and Vance for these links

“Who needs fall??” asks Reziac. “Here in Billings we went straight from summer to Noah. (Rain every day, in August? WTF??) If this keeps up, we’ll bust on past last winter’s record snowfall by Christmas.”


5 thoughts on “Snow in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming”

  1. Seems like autumn is early in the Olympic Peninsula. I am getting tired of seeing one you tube showing melting Greenland and the next one is ice building. I believe from under the unmelted last year’s snow, they will blame it on Global warming! Or Trump! Or both! Can’t teach the reality of all the earth ,Sun, Solar System, and Galactic changes as recorded in the Geological records! No truth! We really do live in interesting times!

  2. Could this be the sign of our climate changing with Summer going rapidly through Autumn into Winter? Lots of Summer snow in Austria, Germany and Italy. Not unknown but if we are to believe the hottest year evah crap, a bit strange.

  3. There was significant snow on the peaks East of Yellowstone. Not a dusting, it looked deep. Foot or more maybe in places.

  4. Just wait until Russia turns off the gas supplies to the EU in winter if NATO keeps on warmongering. Our Russian scientists have predicted the beginning of a new ice age for the last 5 years. Of course the west just ignores peer review accurate scientific data. The higher levels of the ozone layer are also undergoing rapid cooling. This also happened in the last ice age.
    Stay warm everyone.
    Love from Russia.

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